Podcast: How to Get Started in the Note Business

how to get started in the note business - troy fullwoodI’m cranking up another set of excellent interviews and podcasts for the spring. In fact I’ve already got some ‘in the can’ as they say and some scheduled.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to hear about how to do better research and prospecting with LinkedIn, all about how to setup your own note buying private equity fund including what you need to know about finding and raising money.

In this podcast however we talk about How to Get Started In the Note Business.

As you know if you read my articles I’ve been looking for an expert in the note business who is the real deal. Over the last couple of months I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Troy Fullwood. Troy is the real deal.

Troy has been full time in the note business since 1997. He’s been involved in more than 11,000 note transactions both with individual notes and with pools of notes. He ran a private equity fund that produced a 92.6% IRR. He sold that business in 2008. Troy invests in and trades notes nationally on a full time basis. He’s written over 75 articles on real estate investing, spoken at 50 industry conventions as well as participated in ten radio talk shows about real estate note investing.

In our podcast Troy talks about:

  • ‘Why notes’ and what attracted him to the note business and why it’s a great choice if one of your goals is lifestyle
  • Why now is the right time to go for it
  • How he got started in the business with NO money
  • Seller financing as a vehicle for passive income
  • 1 Tactic you can start with TODAY to find notes
  • His primary profit strategy
  • How he holds and when he exits notes and what he gets for returns

If you’re already a seasoned professional you’ll hear some good perspective on the market and you might just pick up a tip or two on another way to source notes.

If you are just starting out then I hope this gives you some real practical things you can start doing today and the courage to do them as well as an education on what the note business looks like once you’ve started to make it.

Listen to the How to Get Started in the Note Business

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  1. Brecht,

    Troy is a great, knowledgable guy in the note business. Had the pleasure to take a webinar class with Troy! Glad to see he is connected to Distressed Pro now.

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