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I found a $2.2MM UPB note pool with BankProspector

"I love the product, and it has allowed me to have a bank offer for me to purchase a $2.2MM UPB note pool."

Eric Williams
IWOD Services
33 Non-Performing Notes for $1.7MM

“If you go through all the material that’s in DistressedPro it’s very very well put together. You’re going to find it and you’re persistent with your phone calls you’re going to find that you(...)

Joe Bayarena Crosscountry Notes
Joe Bayarena
Crosscountry Notes
Former Wall St Mortgage Banker - Billions in Note Sales

"Distressedpro.com continues to be an unmatched tool for the note and real-estate investor."

John McCaffrey
Formerly Auction.com
Found a Bank with Land for 500 Units $18MM

"I think I’m in love… Already found a bank with $18MM parcel of land to build 500 units and they have no representation. This stuff is very exciting."

Antonio Small
Brokered a $22MM UPB Non-performing Residential Loan Portfolio

"Anybody can do it if they do just what you said… It took me probably a good 60, 90 days to keep calling people back, feeling them out and seeing the people I could really deal with and back in(...)

distressedpro.com review with paul marshall
Paul Marshall
Investors Only Group
Deal confidently with the banks

"Finding the note deal is where everything begins... BankProspector gives you the data you need to find the right banks to buy/broker notes.... so you can go directly to the source!


Owen McGab Enaohwo
Independent Note Broker / Investor
Not an exaggeration to say...

"Thank you for developing the DistressedPro Academy and BankProspector platform.

Although we are experts in what we do (judgment enforcement), we had little knowledge on the buying and(...)

Rodney Gagnon
Recovery Analytics LLC
No hesitation. Order Distressed Pro Training immediately.

"If you want to be a professional in the non-performing note space you MUST have the tools available in Brecht Palombo’s Distressed Pro Training.

I am an experience non-performing note(...)

Bill McNichols
Ten Financial Group
Great material, Excellent value.

"Great material, Excellent value.

I signed up about a year ago and found tons of info on his website to be useful and worth the price."

ali shelby distressedpro.com review
Ali Shelby
PE Fund Manager
We’ve made several good bank connections

"I wouldn’t be without DistressedPro.

We’ve made several good bank connections as a results of our subscription, and continue to use it on a regular basis.

Anyone trying to do business(...)

Denver Burdette
DB Capital
System helps me locate the sub and non performing assets

"Distressed Pro is an invaluable resource to get updated information on finding banks distressed and non performing assets.

This system helps me locate the sub and non performing assets,(...)

Andy Bybee
Fitz Debt Acquisitions
I spent thousands of dollars with 'gurus'. I now understand the entire process

"I spent thousands of dollars with 'gurus' pointing towards bank assets for deals.

After being introduced to Distressed Pro I now understand the entire process banks must use to even be in a(...)

Les Anthony
Caleb Capital
The data is awesome...

"I broker non-performing notes nationwide. I've been using it since 2010. I encourage my students to use your software and build a business around it.

3 clicks away and you're looking at the(...)

Michael Ruscica - note investor
Mike Ruscica
Note Conference
Made progress so much faster than I could have without it

I've been using distressedpro.com for over a year. I've been in the note business for over 7 years.

It was an epiphany for me, a revelation, the content is outstanding.

All the stuff we(...)

Peter Eiseman
Genesis East Acquisitions
A lot of our time was wasted before

"I would not want to go through what we went through before we had your software.

I recommend it highly.

Your time is very valuable. If you're not talking to the right people you're not(...)

Ron Happe
Main St Partners
Found a $15,000 deal in about 5 hours

I use it 4-5 times a week because I'm constantly looking for the right banks and the right people. Before I had (BankProspector) it was like picking up a phonebook.

To be honest I put it off(...)

Clint Walker
Independent Note Broker
If I can use it anybody can use it - 2 bank connections in the first 3 Days

If I can use it anybody can use it. Tech is not my strong suit.

I called [obscured] Bank and they told me they'd have something in 3-4 weeks.

I also called [obscured] Cooperative based(...)

Cam Holland
Garret Realty
An intuitive and invaluable analysis tool

Distressed Pro has been an intuitive and invaluable analysis tool that allows us to quickly access and produce detailed reports on all of the FDIC bank related data and contacts at those(...)

John Meedzan
Arch Street Partners
$100MM+ in loan acquisitions from commercial banks

"I represent select private equity investment groups in the acquisition of performing and non-performing commercial real estate loans.

Over the past year, I've successfully transacted over(...)

Brandon Lamb
Crosscap Investments
Excellent video and podcast discussions

"This is a good service and what I like best about the distressed pro service is that besides providing the bank statistics they also have excellent video and podcast discussions on how to apply(...)

Andrew Kaufman
Global Portfolio
15 Assets for a Local Bank

My distressedpro.com subscription is worth every penny.

I'm looking at liquidating 15 assets for a local bank right now. I have more confidence and much easier conversations when I'm(...)

Jason Tropf
Connected with an asset manager the second day

Thank you for the great information. I was able to connect with an asset manager the second day I used your program.

Donna James
James Wilson Group
Never had anyone break it down like you

"I have been in this business for awhile now and have never had anyone break it down like you. Thanks for what you're doing"

Joshwa Fuchs
Joshwa Fuchs, Obsidian Capital

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