Additional Resources

Office Software

If you’ve completed the course, it’s no secret that we like Google. Aside from being super affordable (free in many cases) their products are awesome. Other perks include the fact that your stuff is saved to “the cloud” and accessible anywhere and sharing your files (like the tapes you’ll be finding) is a snap.


One of the hangups I hear from people is that they want to appear more professional and they don’t want to be using their own phones for prospecting. I agree! Fortunately its really easy and inexpensive to get your own phone system and number just for business. Here are a few systems we know and like.

Finding Contacts

We provide thousands of contacts covering nearly every institution in the US but sometimes discovering that one decision maker you didn’t know existed before makes all the difference. Here are some tools to help you do that.


  • Private Money – CIX is probably the fastest and easiest way to find funding for your deals. It is fast, free, and there’s no obligation. If you’ve got the right deal you’ll have multiple offers competing to fund you.
  • Borrow – For well-qualified, experienced sponsors and investors. If you have decent credit, a real business and you’re looking for debt financing whether for acquisitions, operations, or otherwise, you should apply.

Email Power-Ups

Email is one of your primary channels for business communication. There’s no more important tool in your toolbox. Here are some tools, training and services that are going to help you catapult your email marketing and prospecting.

  • RealtyMotor – powers your website and all of your email marketing and automation for opt-in subscribers
  • – shows you how your prospects are interacting with your emails
  • Yesware – helps you schedule emails, track prospects, same templates, and much more
  • Connect 365 – is a powerful automated cold email prospecting system that automates cold email
  • is an excellent cold email prospecting and automated follow up tool.