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BankProspector shows you which lenders have non-performing notes and REO plus key “sell” indicators. We pair that data with detailed decision maker contact information for every bank and credit union in the US.

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What’s Inside BankProspector?

Non-performing note and REO portfolio information and contacts for every bank and credit union in the United States




Credit Unions




Non-Performing Loans


REO (Bank Owned Real Estate)

Our data is updated daily.

What is BankProspector and How Does it Work?

BankProspector is the software our members use to source lender direct note and REO deals

BankProspector is an online software that automatically imports and updates all of the financial health and sales indicators, REO portfolio information, and non-performing loan information for every bank and credit union in the United States.

We pair that info with a best-in-class contact database (currently 53,272 contacts) with decision maker information including name, title, phone and often email and direct lines.

Our bank data is updated nightly. Credit union data is updated on the day it’s published. Our contacts are continually added, updated, and edited by our full-time Contact Managers whose sole job is to supply our members with the most accurate and up-to-date asset manager, workout officer, and decision maker information.

What Can You Can Do with BankProspector?

You get unparalleled insight and tools to help you source lender direct distressed asset, non-performing note, and REO deals

All the tools and information you need to start doing lender direct distressed asset deals are inside BankProspector. BankProspector has been the premier platform for real estate and distressed asset professionals since 2009.

Find Lender Direct Non-Performing Note Deals
Skip the middlemen and go right to the source for non-performing note deals. Lenders are repeat sellers of discounted and distressed non-performing assets.

Prospect better with financial health cell and other indicators
See the financial health cell and other indicators to zero in on your best prospects.

See Non-Performing Asset Portfolios for Every Bank and Credit Union in the US
Only BankProspector shows you which lenders are your best sellers for REO and non-performing notes in near real-time plus insight into who’s selling.

Get Contact Info Including Phone and Email for Decision Makers
Lender direct deals are done between people. Get access to the largest dedicated database of asset managers and bank decision makers on the web.

See Non-Performing Asset Portfolios for Every Bank and Credit Union in the US
Only BankProspector shows you which lenders are your best sellers for REO and non-performing notes in near real-time plus insight into who’s selling.

Who’s Using BankProspector?

BankProspector is the software our members use to source lender direct note and REO deals

  • Mortgage Note Investors
  • Note Brokers
  • Wholesalers and Flippers
  • Commercial Real Estate Brokers
  • REO Listing Agents
  • Auctioneers
  • Consumer Debt Buyers
  • Family Investment Offices
  • Private Equity
  • Hedge Funds
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Property Preservation Companies
The data is awesome...

"I broker non-performing notes nationwide. I've been using it since 2010. I encourage my students to use your software and build a business around it..." ― Read the full story.

Mike Ruscica Note Conference
I spent thousands of dollars with 'gurus'. I now understand the entire process

"I spent thousands of dollars with 'gurus' pointing towards bank assets for deals. After being introduced to Distressed Pro I now understand the entire process banks must use to even be in a position to sell anything." ― Read the full story.

Les Anthony Caleb Capital
Brokered a $22MM UPB Non-performing Residential Loan Portfolio

"Anybody can do it if they do just what you said… It took me probably a good 60, 90 days to keep calling people back..." ― Read the full story. review with paul marshall Paul Marshall Investors Only Group
Made progress so much faster than I could have without it

I've been using for over a year. I've been in the note business for over 7 years. ― Read the full story.

Peter Eiseman Genesis East Acquisitions

What Else Do YOu Need to Know?

Frequently Asked Questions

Banks report 5 types of REO including residential, commercial, multifamily, construction, and farmland. We track all five.

BankProspector has reports for every classification of loan including:

  • Residential HELOCs
  • Seconds (AKA juniors)
  • First position residential
  • Multifamily and apartment buildings
  • Owner occupied commercial real estate
  • Non-owner occupied commercial real estate
  • Residential construction loans
  • Commercial and land development loans
  • Agricultural and farmland
  • Business or “C&I” loans
  • Auto loans
  • Consumer credit cards

No, you can get access to the software here. This option is best if you already have experience in buying distressed assets directly from lenders. However, whether you have industry knowledge or not, the free web class and our training academy have a ton of useful info to help you build your business, with industry insights, tools and resources recommendations, BankProspector demos, and proven strategies. You can sign up for the web class here.

Many of our members have purchased individual notes using BankProspector. The size of the deals you find and what size deals banks will do is up to the individual lenders.

That’s not how this business works. Banks don’t have to report the delinquency status of individual notes. We show you portfolio data, health, and sales indicators as well as contact info. There is no service that can show you individual loan stats unless you’re looking for CMBS.

Our offers are self-serve. We offer very low, and no-commitment offers. We have extensive information including many hours of audio and video available. We don’t do personal demos or individual sales calls. We do staff full time support and you can email or use the beacon in the corner of every page to get questions answered. You can also check out our help docs.

Yes! Many of our customers are REO agents who use BankProspector to find local, regional, and community lenders for whom they can list REO properties

Individual lenders set their own policies on what they will and won’t sell. It is not uncommon for a lender to sell a single REO. It is less common to see individual residential note sales. It’s not uncommon to see individual commercial note sales.

Yes. Our Mastering BankProspector teaches you how to use the software, and if you’re new to the industry or could use some fresh ideas and strategies, you can upgrade to the Bank Direct Mastery Academy, which teaches a complete prospecting system and includes scripts and templates. *Please note this is not included with a BankProspector subscription and is an optional add-on.* If you’d like to gain access to this expert-led training package, email us at [email protected], and a member of our support team will help you get set up.

Not yet. Our training can be accessed from nearly any device but BankProspector is best on a traditional screen.

Yes, as long as you’re in the same office. Logging in from multiple IPs in a day will lock your account. Working from a single office will prevent this. Multiple concurrent logins are not allowed.

No. The license is for a single named user and cannot be shared within an office or with others.

A standard BankProspector Expert subscription is $199 per month or $1,998 per year (one-time annual purchase).

No, we’re not selling notes we offer software and training to help you get bank direct note deals.

No, we’re not a lender we offer software and training to help you get REO listings from banks and credit unions.

We have full-time in-house research staff as well as proprietary technology that we use.

Bank data is updated every night. Credit unions are updated whenever the NCUA posts new data which has been quarterly. Contacts are continuously updated.