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If you’re looking to do more non-performing note or REO deals then you’ve come to the right place.

– Brecht Palombo, Founder

Since 2009, Distressed Pro has been helping people do more bank-direct REO and non-performing note deals. Distressed investing professionals, brokers, note investors, flippers, wholesalers, auctioneers, and other distressed asset service providers rely on our tools and training to help them find and close more deals.

Why Distressed Pro

We exist so that you can do more deals more profitably and faster than you ever have before.

Our industry-leading distressed asset software and training courses give investors the resources and insights they need to consistently source off-market, lender-direct REO and note deals.

Whether you’re new to note investing or you’ve been in the distressed real estate industry for a while, our tools and resources can help you increase your deal flow, and, really, they’ll probably completely change the way you find and buy non-performing notes and REO.

So what’s our approach?

Our approach is geared around targeting and then building lasting relationships with small to midsize banks and credit unions, so when they’re ready to sell, they know who to call (if you do this right, that’s you).

Our customers learn how to:

  • Develop a well-structured prospecting plan and implement it
  • (Successfully) make contact with bank decision-makers
  • Cultivate long-term lender relationships
  • Find and secure reliable funding
  • Use BankProspector’s comprehensive, real-time bank data and decision-maker contact info to target and track lenders with assets to sell

Bottom line? It’s all about the lenders.

Lenders offer the holy trinity of opportunities…

  • Repeat. Lenders have a continuous stream of “product.” In good times and bad, lenders constantly deal with defaults and workouts, non-performing notes, and REO.
  • Discounted and distressed. Lenders sell assets when things go wrong. But lenders aren’t very well suited for dealing troubled assets and maximizing their returns. Moreover, they’re regulated, and, in many respects, their hands are tied when it comes to being smart about workouts and collections.
  •  Non-Emotional. Lenders, unlike private sellers, are in the business of originating, then servicing, then collecting on debts. When something goes wrong, and they need to take a hit or a haircut, it’s a simple matter of calculations. If you’ve ever dealt with a private seller in a distressed situation, you know that this is definitely not the case.

Even more than that, lenders offer you three bites at the apple:

  1. The note before the foreclosure
  2. The foreclosure sale
  3. The REO or bank-owned property after the sale

No other seller in the market offers the same. With our tools and training, you’ll be able to take advantage of all three.

And when you’re the one with the direct connections to the best bank-owned discounted and distressed deals, you become really popular really fast.

What We Offer


BankProspector is a hosted online software as a service (SaaS) that you use to source institutionally owned off-market notes and REO from banks and credit unions. It is designed to get you fast, easy access to non-performing loan and REO portfolio information, financial health, and “sell” indicators and contacts so you can source more deals.


We offer basic training as well as advanced courses for anyone who wants to do more note or REO deals. We’ll teach you how to find and close note and REO deals – we’ll teach you what all the numbers mean, what to say, who to call, how to find the best contacts, and much much more. We are constantly updating our training library. Subscribers rave about our interview series and other free content.

Investor Services

If you have more money than time then you should register as an investor. If you’re looking for JV investor partners or end buyers for the deals you’re sourcing, we have them, too.

Our Backstory

Here’s a little history on how Distressed Pro got started, direct from our founder and veteran distressed assets investor, Brecht Palombo:

“It was late 2006, and the froth in the real estate market was palpable, at least from where I stood…

After 5 years slugging it out for someone else, I had just opened my first brokerage, and I had my own condo conversion flip levered up and in full swing. I’d been through a crash once already and was dead set on avoiding the next, but how? Constantly chasing down unrealistic, overpriced, difficult, emotional, private sellers wouldn’t get me where I wanted to go.

How could I build a real estate business where…

• It didn’t matter if the economy was doing well or poorly
• I could do repeat discounted deals with a single seller
• I could eliminate all the emotion and just deal with business people who could make the decision to sell based on real numbers

Then while attending a large multi-property auction, it dawned on me – LENDERS were the answer.

When I started there was no information, no software, no training. I was clueless. I cold-called. I smiled and dialed. I sent “direct mail.”

Then – in a small conference room in Pennsylvania, buried in a 3-ring binder full of hastily copied training material from a slapdash, costly training course – I caught my first glimpse of how I might stop wasting all my time and zero in on my most likely prospects.

Hundreds of Transactions; Hundreds-of-Millions in Volume

Back in 2006, if you’d told me that within a few short years, I’d have been involved in hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions for lenders, I might not have believed it. See, even the most experienced real estate professionals I spoke with at the time were struggling to “crack the code.” Maybe that’s where you’re at today.

So, I dove deep into discovery. I researched everything. I interviewed bankers, regulators, and everyone in between for this website. I took what I learned about how to know which banks are selling distressed property and notes and built the BankProspector software to allow anyone who wants to jump into this exciting and profitable business to have the tools I wished I’d had when I got started.”

A Complete Distressed Assets Prospecting System

Most people have never done a note or REO deal direct with a lender, so sometimes, starting with the software isn’t enough – beginners usually benefit from training too.

Our comprehensive investor training system has taken brand-new people and made them successful in a matter of weeks. The deals and connections you make in this business can be life-changing.

If you’re looking to up your game and start doing some of the most profitable distressed debt (non-performing note) and REO deals, then you’ve come to the right place.

Get started with us today and we’ll help you quickly determine whether or not we have a solution that’s right for your business.

Who We Are


The Distressed Pro team is a modern distributed team of remote workers consisting of writers, editors, and technical professionals located throughout the U.S. and across the globe.

Megan Jones
Project Manager, Support, and QA

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When Megan isn’t working, she enjoys spending time at the beach with her family and dabbling in crafting projects.

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Brecht Palombo

Brecht Palombo is a real estate investor, software entrepreneur, and note expert. He has founded several niche real estate services websites and startups, including Distressed Pro in 2009. He also developed the industry-leading BankProspector platform and an expert training program that teaches and enables brokers, realtors, and investors to connect with lenders selling notes and distressed properties.

Pat Blount, Advisory Board Member BancBoard LLC
Pat Blount

Pat Blount is perhaps one of the most seasoned professionals in the note business on the planet. Pat has more than 3 decades in the industry. He owned his own successful note brokerage, and he has worked for the largest seller of debt there is. With billions of dollars in transactions complete, Pat’s guidance and clarity on what professionals in this business need to succeed are invaluable.

Ruben Gamez

Ruben Gamez, originally a software developer, bootstrapped his software business, Bidsketch, while working full time and quickly grew it into a profitable business. He spent several years working for a billion-dollar payroll company. There, he helped build and manage a custom proposal system used to regularly win seven and eight-figure deals. After learning about the psychology behind closing large deals and helping friends with their client meetings, Ruben decided to make it his mission to take away the pain from the proposal process and thus was born Bidsketch.

Distressedpro.com, BankProspector, and the Academy are products of Distressed Pro LLC.

Mailing Address: Distressed Pro LLC 30 N Gould St Ste 4000 Sheridan, WY 82801