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Distressed Real Estate and Note Investing Podcast

Quick Podcast Facts

  • Our show features industry experts speaking about distressed residential, commercial, and multifamily real estate and note investing topics.
  • We promote our episodes on various platforms, reaching more than 25,000 email, social media, and YouTube subscribers.
  • Our featured guests receive all links and custom graphics needed to promote the episode.

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About Brecht

Brecht Palombo is a real estate investor, software entrepreneur, and note expert. He’s been involved in bank transactions totaling over $200MM and has extensive experience handling all aspects of distressed residential, commercial, and industrial property and note purchases, sales, foreclosures, and auctions.

Brecht is also the owner and founder of several niche real estate services websites and startups, including Distressed Pro. He developed the industry-leading BankProspector platform and an expert training program that teaches and enables brokers, realtors, and investors to connect with lenders selling notes and distressed properties.

Brecht’s Podcast Experience

Brecht is no stranger to the podcast scene. In addition to hosting his own podcast, he’s been featured on various popular shows, including:

The Note Closer’s Show
On Purpose Magazine

1000 Houses
Bootstrapped with Kids
Rogue Startups
The Joe Robert Show
No Flipping Excuses

Startups for the Rest of Us
The SaaS Podcast
New Hampshire Public Radio
Real Estate Investor Summit

As a podcast guest, Brecht’s discussed topics ranging from how to build a profitable real estate and note investing business to how he developed the popular BankProspector platform and his path to startup success.

As a realtor, auctioneer, investor, and entrepreneur, Brecht’s experience spans various aspects of the real estate, corporate, and lending industries. Brecht provides audiences with valuable, actionable information, unique insights, tried-and-true methods, and client success stories – it’s no wonder his following continues to grow!

About the Show

Distressed real estate professionals tell all in this informative podcast series. Veteran real estate and note investor and software entrepreneur Brecht Palombo interviews top experts in various distressed real estate disciplines and skills including:

  • REO and foreclosure auctions
  • REO brokerage
  • Mortgage Note Investing
  • Distressed Real Estate
  • Distressed Debt Investing
  • Non-performing note sales and note investing
  • Commercial loan modification
  • Distressed multifamily and commercial real estate investing


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Our media platforms have over 10,000 subscribers – and the numbers are growing!

Who’s Tuning In?

The majority of our listeners have interests and professional backgrounds in the real estate and note investment industries, including:

  • Real estate agents and brokers
  • Note investors
  • Distressed property investors
  • New buyers and sellers

How We Promote Our Episodes:

When you’re a guest on the Distressed Real Estate and Note Investing podcast, not only will you be sharing your valuable knowledge and insights with our audience, but you’ll get your brand, your company, and your face in front of thousands of people. Many of our guests report getting a hundred or more leads in the first week after their show. Here’s how:

  • Podcast Post on
    • Features brief episode description with:
      • Featured guest’s name, title, and company name and link to company website.
      • Users can listen, watch, and read the episode transcript within the page.
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
    • Dedicated post introducing new episode with:
      • Podcast summary, including guest’s name, title, and company name
      • Link to episode’s post on the Distressed Pro website. Here, users can listen, watch, or read the episode transcript.
  • Email
    • Dedicated email announcing new episode with:
      • Podcast summary, including guest’s name, title, and company name
      • Link to episode’s post on the Distressed Pro website. Here, users can listen, watch, or read the episode transcript.

Featured Guest Qualifications

When you’re a featured guest on our podcast, you’ll help teach and inspire thousands of others who are looking to achieve the same.

We select our podcast guests based on several variables, including industry affiliations, niches, products or services offered, and experience. The topics we cover require expert-level knowledge, understanding, and interest.

To qualify, guests need verifiable experience in one or more of the following:

  • Residential, commercial, or industrial real estate investment industry
  • Buying, brokering, and/or selling notes
  • Institutional or private lending
  • Distressed property or REO buying, selling, or investing
  • Secondary mortgage or junior lien investments

Most of our featured guests have stories to tell and lessons to teach. You’re a good match for our show if you’ve:

  • Had a breakthrough
  • Achieved financial independence
  • Built a real business
  • Developed systems or processes that work
  • Got a great message that other need to hear
Sound like we'll have something to talk about? Tell us a little more about yourself here.

What to Expect as a Featured Guest

  • An interview-style conversation covering various aspects of the episode’s topic
  • An introduction featuring guest’s name, title, company name, and brief description of services and/or products offered
  • A professionally-produced podcast episode complete with:
    • Custom episode graphics
    • Audio and video files to share
    • Dedicated blog post on with episode transcript, audio, and video, and an episode summary with links to company website