Interview With a Banker Who Buys Performing Notes


In this episode I interview Gary Watkins from FNBA. Gary isn’t a seller though, he’s a buyer and he wants to buy loans from you.

First National Bank of America buys performing mortgages and they’ll pay you a commission when they close on assets that you bring them. They have stacks of cash, they evaluate quickly, and they can close in less than a month.

If you’re dialing for dollars you’re going to find performing notes for sale if you’re asking the right questions.

I know everybody is hopped up on the discounts you can get on non-performing debt and the turnaround or acquisition opportunities that those present (with good reason!) but in the end aren’t we all looking to do some deals and make some money?

Well here’s one more way that you can.

First National Bank of America buys loans as does it’s subsidiary First National Acceptance Company.

If you’re looking for some guidance on where to source seller financed notes we have a call I did with a guest a while back inside the Academy.

Hope you enjoy this you can download the the transcript here ↓ or listen below.

Download the transcript here

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