Making Money with Commercial Notes Free Teleseminar Series


Our webinar last week for the Commercial Notes Blueprint saw nearly triple the number of registrants for our available seats.

We also saw hundreds of questions about buying, brokering, working out and all other aspects of commercial notes.

Our speaker, JD Crouse, and I got together and broke these questions into digestible groups and we’ve decided we’re going to attack these in logical modules/separate calls.

Here’s what we’re going to do. Starting tomorrow (April 25th) we’re going to hold a series of weekly teleseminars (call in and web) and we’re going to work through the questions in the following ordered groups:

  1. The Basics of Commercial Notes – Skip this if you’re seasoned or have a look below at some of the questions we’ll be answering
  2. Money Making Strategies with Commercial Notes
  3. Sourcing Commercial Note Deals
  4. Analyzing and Qualifying Commercial Note Deals
  5. Closing on (and Funding) Commercial Note Buys
  6. Commercial Note Workouts and Resolution
  7. Advanced Commercial Note Topics

To give you an idea of the ground we’re going to cover before each call I’ll make a post like this one and list some of the questions we’re going to answer.

You can get on these calls for free but you have to be on the call list in order to get the phone number and code.

The Basics of Commercial Notes

Sample questions submitted for this week’s teleseminar in no particular order:

  • #1 What is a commercial note ?
  • Is it possible to start off small doing this? Basically purchasing one note at a time.
  • What is the best training course, book or material for learning the nonperforming notes business? I am eager to learn but am finding very few materials.
  • Are commercial notes generally the same duration as residential, ie, 10-15-20-30 years? Is commercial lending more asset based than residential?
  • What is the minimum a person can purchase non-performing notes from a bank or a credit union?
  • Where would you suggest a newbie begin in the commercial note business, so that they could get all the basics down pat first ?
  • I know nothing about commercial notes, can you tell me are they accessed in the same way? Meaning can I acquire them through the same channels as residential notes?
  • What is the best way to acquire commercial note buyers?
  • I know that for beginning brokers we will not have any luck working with the BofA’s or others of that size, so what $$ size range of bank/credit union are our best markets?
  • What do they mean when they say the cap rate is in the 7 to 8% range NOI?
  • Please describe how buying and brokering commercial notes are different from doing the same with residential notes.
  • Is there truly a market for junior commercial notes; like it is for residential?
  • When I see an commercial advertisement with this NNN shown, what does that mean to a prospective tenant looking to rent space in a commercial building?
  • What is the biggest hurdle in the commercial note business?

Don’t miss the call because the recordings are going right in the vault afterwards. If you get yourself on the call it’s free.

Hear one of these calls here.

EVENT: Commercial R/E Note Investing Q&A with JD Crouse
DATE & TIME: Thursday, April 25th at 12:00 Noon Mountain
FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast — it’s your choice)

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