How Much Money Can a Note Broker Earn (and How Fast)?

How much does a note broker earn

If I told you you could make a 1/4 million dollars in your first year brokering notes and liquidating bank assets would you believe me?

How about if I told you that you could earn that money in your first 6 months of brokering notes – would you believe that?

In today’s podcast I chat with a Distressed Pro member who tells me his story of how he went from a cold start in September to $82,500 in the bank in February with another $160,000 in the pipeline under contract to close in Q1.


Look… there are a lot of pie in the sky sales pitches out there in the real estate space and most of them are pure crap.

And I’ve got a secret to tell you, or maybe it’s not a secret, here it is: most people looking to ‘make money in real estate’ will make NOTHING… ZERO.


Laziness, procrastination, FEAR, lethargy… shall I go on?

How Much You Earn as a Note Broker is Entirely Dependent On You

Many note brokers earn 6 and even 7 figures per year. While many more aspiring note brokers earn nothing at all. The difference? Effort, skills, and tools.

There is no free lunch.

You may have noticed I’ve never made a single income claim on this site, I don’t show you my checks, 1099s, K-1s or anything else. The reason I don’t do this is because I’ve never seen my role as “selling the dream”, the fact is I’d probably make a lot more money if I did… but then I’m the one who has to look at this face in the mirror every day…

No, ladies and gents, at I’m selling picks, shovels, axes… and oh yeah WORK. Because – guess what – if someone is telling you you’re going to make a truck load of money pushing a button they’re full of sh*t.

Who in their right mind is going to sell you that button?

The fact is there is a TON of money to be made in this business. But I’m here to tell you there’s no button to press… there’s just work… and skills… and tools.

Enter Paul Marshall.

Here’s a guy who had been out there making it happen for a couple of decades and then… like a lot of us… he took a beating in the downturn.

But Paul’s not like most people…

No, Paul’s got stones, and discipline, and he invested in himself and he did the WORK necessary to make happen the story that you’re about to hear.

And now I have the pleasure of presenting to you my favorite success story (thus far) in the history of Distressed Pro.

And when you use our tools and develop your skills and put in the work I hope that you’ll call me and we can have your success chat.

Yes, this is an older interview but the way this business works has not changed and arguably, since Covid-19, the opportunity is even greater.

Want to start earning commissions and fees as a note broker?

The first and most important task of a note broker is to FIND DEALS. Distressed Pro’s BankProspector and training is geared almost entirely to help making you an expert at finding deals. Jump on our free weekly training to learn how it all works.

8 thoughts on “How Much Money Can a Note Broker Earn (and How Fast)?”

  1. we have a program that allows us to deal with the bank on a singular non performing note. In other words we acquire a position from a home owner on a distressed property and get the bank to deal with us on that singular property to sell the note at a discounted rate. What is really nice is that even if the bank does not sell us the note, we have found a way to make upwards of 60%+ on our initial investment annually. I love this market. I am inclined to believe that perhaps your program might assist us with information needed to make quicker contacts and deals. What do ya think?

  2. Brecht my interest is in property management such as clean-outs, winterazations, boardups/preservations, etc., for different financial institutions. I graduate on June 23rd at the age of 39, with my first Bachelors Degree of Science my concentration Project Management. Currently, I work for Cuyahoga County Land Bank inspecting properties and writing detailed reports of my findings (recommending additional reviews or demos). Also, I have my residential building certifications for 1 and 2 family dwellings. I was injured in 2012 and currently receiving BWC. I have no intentions of working a conventional job again. However, I need guidance. I am a self-motivator, easy learner, and I have no broker license. How may this opportunity benefit my family and I?

    • HI TaNesha. If you’re looking to get more work on the clean-out, winterization, etc. front then this might be a solution for you. We have other property preservation professionals who use the service to find local banks, credit unions, and their contacts who are holding REO.

      If you’re asking about the note business it’s a very exciting opportunity. Background and education don’t play a big role in it. Like anything else “high reward” its not a slam dunk for everybody who wants to do it but as you can hear in the interview its entirely possible to get up and running pretty quickly but you have to be devoted to it, serious about success, and you should have the skills necessary to get in touch with and then ‘sell’ decision makers on you.

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