Commercial Real Estate Notes Blueprint – Free Training

We received well over 100 questions related to buying and investing in commercial real estate notes from our subscribers.

In this FREE webinar we’re going to dive into as many of those as we can PLUS we’re going to layout the following through case studies:

*The visual kicks in after a couple of minutes into the video*

  • Why Now Is The Time To Buy CRE Backed Notes
  • Why You Can Get Started With As Little As $250,000
  • No Competition Negotiations!
  • Buy Notes That No One Else Wants & Turn Into 15% Yields
  • How To Craft “Win, Win, Win” Scenarios (Lender, Borrower, Investor) – Not Usually The “Norm”

This training session is pitch free there will be nothing for you to buy.

Join me and my special guest(s) as we dive into commercial notes. We’re going to talk about where the landmines are, what a deal really looks like, we’ll talk about the bid ask spread, backyard investing and a whole bunch more.