Podcast: Commercial Property Receivership

Commercial property receivership is getting to be a hotter topic by the day. With mountains of distressed commercial real estate loans piling up with banks across the country and an increasing number of vacant commercial properties, property preservation and receivership assignments are on the grow.

I recently caught up with Greg Trotter, President of Commercial Building Consultants, a commercial property project management firm. Greg has an impressive background in REO and distressed asset management and members have been asking me for exactly this kind of information.

Greg provided me with a tremendous amount of background information, but I’ll just give you a sample of some of the recent REO workouts and projects his company has been responsible for:

  • 510 Unit Condominium Conversion Project located in Miami, Florida
  • 150 Unit Luxury Apartment Complex located in Orlando Florida
  • 652 Unit Apartment Portfolio located throughout the State of Indiana
  • 404 Unit / 18 Story partially constructed Condominium-Hotel Located in Orlando Florida
  • 806 Unit Multi-Family Apartment Complex located in Baltimore Maryland

Greg’s clients range from local and regional banks to national lenders and special servicers.

When Greg and I spoke he was in his office in Florida having just returned from halfway across the country looking at an assignment. We were lucky to have him available for this so I hope you find it informative.

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