6 Components to a Successful Distressed Assets Fund

Distressed real estate represents an enormous opportunity today if you have the capital. With debt more difficult to come by, and where many investors have taken losses, pooling capital is an increasingly attractive option for investors and would-be sponsors/managers alike.

Continuing our Distressed Property Professional’s Podcast Series, in this podcast, I talk with Attorney Warren Kirshenbaum about the 6 key components to setting up a successful distressed assets fund. Warren was the lead attorney in assembling and structuring distressed asset funds and creating the equity raise strategies for four separate distressed asset investment funds in 2009. Fully leveraged the fund size Warren has been working on range from $3 million to $35 million.

The funds range from those seeking single family homes to three to six-family homes and commercial properties including retail, industrial, flex, and multi-family.

Warren has a law degree from New England Law and a master’s in corporate law from NYU. He practiced in New York both in-house for a Wall Street investment house and in private practice for a law firm. He was the general counsel to a large real estate developer, manager and builder based in Texas and now uses his background in corporate securities and real estate tax in structuring distressed asset funds.

In this episode of our Distressed Property Professional’s Podcast Series, we cover among other things:

  • How to think about your funding strategies
  • What’s a soft offering?
  • The importance of a clear business plan for your fund
  • Operating exempt from securities regulations
  • Important fund communication protocols
  • and more…

Listen in on the podcast below or download the transcript.

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