Note Business Success Story: Cracking the Code

Clint Walker *All Star*
*All Star*

Clint Walker talks with me about how he found his first bank direct note deal.

He gives us all the details.

We talk about his work ethic, how much money he’s making on these deals, how he found the buyers, the truth about “Proof of Funds” and more.

We talk about how many contacts it takes to make a real connection and what his prospecting routine is.

If you’re struggling at all to get started in your business or to source deals then this is a must listen.

Are you looking for a get rich quick plan? If so beat it.

We don’t talk about that here because its BS, it doesn’t exist, and chasing that stuff is for people who don’t have what it takes to make it.

Clint has what it takes to make it. Smart, consistent, persistent effort plus training and mentorship. That’s how you succeed in anything. There is no pill to take…

Hear Clint’s Story in His Own Words

4 thoughts on “Note Business Success Story: Cracking the Code”

  1. Hey Brecht,
    I just wanted to say thank you for bringing Clint Walker’s success story to the forefront, as it most certainly helped in a very straight-forward way on what to say and what to do, when making contact with the right people at banks.

    This interview definitely gave me the confidence needed to begin speaking with banks/lenders about buying non-performing notes. Your great questions brought forth great answers that pretty much gave anyone a blueprint to note-buying success.

    Thank you,

    • My pleasure and thanks for listening.

      I think often times we make things too complicated or overwhelming in our minds and that causes paralysis even when we think we’re working. It’s also true that too often we’re looking for “tricks” and shortcuts when really the solution is to just do the work in a disciplined way.

      It’s only after we’ve taken this approach successfully that our leverage points emerge.

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