Kimberly Banks Fawcett of Inspired Capital: Note Investing Systems

Kimberly Banks Fawcett joins us in the fresh new episode of the DistressedPro Professionals Podcast!

Listen and learn about her experience with getting started in mortgage notes, best and worst-case scenarios, and the systems she uses to stay profitable.

Born & Raised in Real Estate

Kimberly, of Inspired Capital Group, says she was fortunate enough to be born into a real estate family. She went her own way first as most teens do, but just 3 months out of college she purchased her first rental property. Her education continued while she grew and managed her rental property portfolio.

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Kimberly says that it was at a local REIA meeting when the spark of inspiration came. The realization that no one calls their lender when the toilet gets clogged was her ‘a-ha moment’.  Ever since then, she has focused on note investing instead of property management.

Contrary to other areas of real estate, Kimberly has found the note community to be far more helpful and willing to share. You should join and be active in communities both online and in person for growth. She also recommends mentoring as a way to hack success quickly.
Expert Scott Carson introduced Kimberly to DistressedPro and her first note deal. She acquired 2 condos in Florida for around 40% of value. Once the foreclosure process was over, she flipped the properties successfully.

She was hooked.

Systems for Investing in Notes

In this exclusive podcast interview Kimberly talks about how it is possible to find great returns, even where others see challenges. Listen and download the transcript to hear her describe a few deals she was involved in, including…

  • Starting foreclosure on a 2nd lien note before learning the first loan had just been paid off,
  • A note seller dragging their feet on the transfer, which resulted in obtaining an REO at the discounted price of a note,
  • and what happened when a flip house which was vandalized the weekend before closing.

As a portfolio manager at Inspired Capital, Kimberly manages investments in residential and commercial mortgage notes, with a focus on first liens. Learn about the types of risks she takes with her own investments and her goals when investing with other people’s money.

Learn her keys to keeping a solid pipeline, minimizing risk, and maximizing the potential of note investing. She explains, as you scale past 4-10 notes, spreadsheets aren’t typically enough to avoid missing critical payments and keep the deals flowing. You need systems– which means organization, integration, and automation, for long term success. Find out what she uses and why.

Click here to Download the Kimberly Banks Transcript PDF

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    • Unless you have some form of financing lined up, investing for yourself might be difficult until you have some credit built back up… but your financial status won’t prevent you from earning commission matching up investors and assets as a broker :)

    • You can play the role of a broker and invest nothing… If you are looking to purchase a note yourself, aim for a minimum of 10K… Nothing is set in stone, notes have sold for less, some people pool money on these investments… There are many ways to be involved in the note business, with or without investment capital.

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