How to Use Call Report Data to Estimate NPN Deal Volume

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In the final of the three episodes I recorded with John McCaffrey from, John shares a back of the napkin calculation that he uses to determine potential note sale (NPN) deal size when he’s talking with a bank client.

John is a former Wall St banker and is currently an SVP at REDC (, his clients are top tier banks and he sells non-performing notes and REO for his bank clients.

There are two keys to John’s calculation the first is knowing the banks Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL). The second is knowing the approximate percentage of Unpaid Principal Balance (UBP) that the market will pay, or if you’re the buyer what you will pay. This method is most effective with the smaller local and regional banks.

Listen to this short podcast episode to learn how to estimate potential non-performing note deal size.

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