The Business of Non-Performing Commercial & Industrial Loans with David Eden

What if you could make $10,000 to $100,000 with just a couple of phone calls or an email?

100317-N-5961C-003It might sound absurd but in the world of commercial finance it’s reality. In this interview you’ll hear about how our guest David Eden is able to pay 5 and 6 figure bounties for a simple referral.

While many of us are focused on distressed real property and the mortgage debt behind it the fact is that non-performing consumer credit card debt, non real estate related business debt (commercial and industrial “C&I”) and even automobile debt are all profitable industries unto themselves.

In this interview we had a chance to talk with David Eden who is involved in an area of distressed debt that we don’t talk about much but is ripe with opportunity.

David works in commercial and industrial loans and, more specifically, machinery and equipment.

In this podcast you’ll hear how David has been successful in this niche of distressed debt and some tactics you can use to turn over these profitable opportunities just during the normal course of your business.

Learn how you can earn 5 and 6-figure referral fees, just in your normal course of business, with minimal effort.

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