How to Cold Email Asset Managers and Get a Response

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The number 1 problem I hear about from my subscribers is that they’re having a hard time connecting with asset managers. They don’t answer their phones, they don’t return your calls, they don’t reply to your emails… these are the complaints I hear about most.

Make no mistake about it, the data shows that there’s business going on even if you’re not involved in it. If your approach isn’t working that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done it means your approach isn’t working.

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Start Using a Proven Prospecting System

In this episode you’re going to hear from a guy who developed a template, a system, for cold prospecting via email that won him more than $50MM in accounts from the likes of Bank of America, Capital One, and a host of other BIG businesses and he got through the door with the lowly EMAIL.

What I think a lot of people have a hard time getting through is that there’s a cycle. In real estate so often we’re used to dealing with private sellers and business owners where they have real skin in the game. Where liquidating assets like real estate and notes isn’t part of their job description its something that they do on rare occasion and the asset is meaningful in their life or business.

When you’re working with asset managers, workout officers, special assets, credit risk – whatever department – you’re contacting a business. I don’t care if you’re a broker or an investor. You just entered the world of B2B sales.

There are a lot of good reasons to go ahead and make the effort, not the least of which is that you’ll be dealing with…

“Non-emotional repeat sellers”

Let me repeat that, the big opportunity here is in being able to source deals, listings or acquisition opportunities, from non-emotional repeat sellers (thank you Mike Carey for that precise language).

I asked Bryan to come here after I heard him on a podcast that reaches roughly 20X the number of people of this one and I’m thankful he agreed to do it. So, if you want to learn how to be effective at cold emailing, listen to this podcast now!

Imagine that 30 days from now you’ve put this cold email template and system to work and within 90 days from now you’ve had meetings and secured 2, 3 or more bank clients or sources. A single bank customer can make your year. Don’t miss the opportunity.

13 thoughts on “How to Cold Email Asset Managers and Get a Response”

  1. I have tried to download this: download the free cold email template and course – without any success! It´s not possible. A blank page comes up….
    I listened to the 10 min training…but no email was possible to get there either.

  2. Hello Brecht, The email course looks really good and I enjoyed the excellent podcast. Correct me if I am wrong, but I see the process as find the banks that can indeed sell assets, find the contacts from the software, then crucially email them in the appropriate manner for a meeting, build a relationship, and provide them with THEIR desired outcome. Make life easy for them and flip their assets. I downloaded and no problem here in Singapore. Very best regards, NIck and yes I would like to here another podcast about the details of cold emailing, structure and wording. Excellent work Brecht.

  3. Hi Brecht – you’ve done it again and bought to us awesome content and business development strategy. Thank you for your efforts. My question for your guest during the upcoming webinar is related to spam – how can we avoid being blacklisted and prevented from being able to communicate with a particular bank, hedge fund, etc. Being stop before getting in the door. By-the-way, I was able to access and download the email training template. Thanks in advance for answering my question.

  4. Hi Brecht,

    You’re really focused on helping people to make contact with key people i.e., decision makers in the corporate world namely banks. I’m very interested in using Brian’s template for cold call emailing.

    You guessed it, I’ve not had much luck in speaking with Asset Managers, and also key decision makers. I’ve left tons of voice mail messages and emails with bank and credit union personnel only to find out my success ratio has been little or none.dreadfully low.. Thanks for bringing Brian into your podcast so we can explore a different approach to talk with key personnel within the banks. I’m definitely going to give Brian’s technique a real try very soon.

    Buford Johnson.

  5. Hi Brecht ! I am soooo glad you found Brian, and invited him on your broadcast. I could use the message Nick sent you word for word because that’s how i see this and i am also excited to get this information ! As you know, i’ve sat on the sideline for quite some time and haven’t jumped aboard with your software because i just didn’t know about this emailing / prospecting of companies with assets for sale, much less know their lingo to avoid sounding like i don’t know what it is i’m “Suppose to know” so i’m not embarrassing myself, or the buyer(s) i’d be representing. I would greatly appreciate a ‘webinar’ you could have with Brian in the future! Absolutely. I understand that 90% of working with banks or credit unions is done via emails. So, i’m sure you’re thinking, “What Are You Waiting For?” Again, Thanks for wanting to help me/others, Brecht. I see a light at the end of the tunnel After All !!!

  6. Hey Brecht,
    I LOVE your work! So SO helpful! I look at so many courses that want to charge for this information but I have not had enough success to be convinced this is a viable option. Hopefully this E-mail template will help!! I have one question. I have had good luck at getting to asset managers but they always tell me the same thing: “We are not employing this method at this time” but the data says otherwise! Is it something I’m saying? IOW is there a way I could better phrase my questions/comments to get a different reaction?

    • Hi Bob,

      The link in the page goes to a landing page where you can get the cold email PDF download. You’ll receive the promised 9 pages of templates and information in your email after you complete the form.

      Bryan does offer paid training also. I just tested the download and it does seem that the confirmation/thank you page is now a shopping cart page for his higher end cold email product. I’d have to assume that this is an error (which we’ll inform Bryan about now) because nobody would ever expect you to invest that kind of money without significantly more information.

      If you didn’t get the email with the PDF check your junk or spam folder and if its not there Bryan should definitely be informed that there’s an issue.

      Thanks for letting us know about that.

      Don’t let the fact that Bryan offers paid products put you off from using what he provides for free. I think you’ll find he offers a wealth of information and copy/paste email copy even at the free level.

      With regards to the characterization as an “upsell scam” I’d simply say that any good marketing today is going to start by offering you significant informational value up front for free before asking you to you make a buying decision. Bryan does that and I think in this case something on their side is misconfigured and I’m sure they’ll rectify it once notified.

      Any of the 3rd party services/training/vendors/offers that we link to or endorse here will always adhere to strict CAN-SPAM policies which means, among other things, that if what you receive by email isn’t exactly what you’re looking for you can unsubscribe with a single click.


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