A Business Plan Template for the Notes Business

note business business plan
Hear how one investor used this business plan to raise money for his note business

In this episode of the Distressed Pro Professional Podcast series I interview John Schwartz who’s offered up the business plan that he’s used to for the note business.

John contacted me after hearing the podcast on using self directed IRA funds to fund your note and REO deals, or really any real estate or funding deal.

This is not a course you can buy or a “get rich quick” scheme. This is a real business plan that a real investor used to raise $1/2 million dollars so far which he’s investing in notes.

The best way to listen to this is probably to download the actual business plan and have it in front of you while John walks us through exactly how he used it, why each section is included, and what those sections of the business plan do for your agreement.

A Business Plan for Note Buyers

This podcast is in the form of a walk-through of the plan. You can listen without it but it will be more meaningful to you if your’e looking at the plan. A few keys:

  1. Why John structures his raises as individual partnerships
  2. How to use a business plan as a sales tool for raising private money
  3. How to get investors comfortable with your plan

and more…

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You can download a copy of the business plan below.

Click here to Download the Business Plan Template

14 thoughts on “A Business Plan Template for the Notes Business”

  1. It is amazing. And, to think, i’ve been working on a business plan in preparation not only to share this opportunity with a capital investor i’d be able to use his/her money to acquire assets, but to pursue applying for a business grant in this niche investing. I have been looking into http://www.growthink.com just this week, and now this ! WOW. It’s like being inside of the opposing teams 10 yard line!

  2. I really liked the business plan. Thank you for sharing. Where this business plan will benefit me and my company is that it is a great road map for what tasks I should be doing everyday and how to get a note deal completed. I found it very complete and easy to understand. Now I know exactly what I need to be doing. Again thank you very much!

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