How to Raise Money from Self Directed IRAs

Self directed IRA webinarIf you’re going to be a player in real estate investing at some point your’e going to have to raise money to get a deal done.

One powerful way to do that that is is often completely misunderstood and underutilized is the self-directed IRA.

No, not your self directed IRA, other people’s self directed IRAs.

What? You don’t know anybody with a self-directed IRA? Guess what… Doesn’t matter…. and in this webinar you’ll learn exactly what I mean. You’ll learn.

  1. How to find investors with self-directed IRAs
  2. How people who don’t have self-directed IRAs today can still invest with you through a self-directed IRA
  3. What types of investments are permissible
  4. Why is it more advantageous for your investor to use a self-directed IRA
  5. Who can invest their IRA with you
  6. Who should be on your “team” when you’re using other people’s self-directed IRAs to invest

And you’ll learn this from an expert with a syndicate of self-directed IRA investors from across the country. A man who has helped hundreds of investors complete thousands of self-directed IRA transactions. And guess what, there’s no program to buy … so just enter your info to the right.

BONUS: As a bonus our speaker has agreed to help a limited number of serious brokers or investors with an actual deal in -hand by giving away a free one-on-one to help you understand how and IF self-directed IRA money can help you accomplish your goals and close the deal.