Alex Goldovsky of ProTitleUSA: Title Due Diligence

Title Due-Diligence - Pro Title - Alex Goldovsky

Master title due diligence when buying mortgage notes!

What’s the best way to handle due diligence when buying notes?

What do you need to look out for?

These are critical questions we get from note buyers as they get started and scale. In this podcast episode, we tackle these critical issues with ‘The Man for Title’, Alex Goldovsky.

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Alex and his global team at Pro Title USA have been an instrumental force in the industry, helping new note investors and the largest institutions to spot title defects and potential risks, create smart due diligence processes, bid better, and secure better margins.

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Alex Goldovsky Title Due Diligence

Due Diligence: Liens, Liens, Liens

Safely and profitably investing in notes and buying pools is all about liens. You’ve got to know your liens.

There can be so many types, including:

  1. Mortgage liens
  2. Tax liens
  3. Lien assignments
  4. HOA liens
  5. Code violation liens
  6. Municipal and utility liens
  7. IRS liens
  8. State tax liens
  9. Mechanics liens
  10. DOJ liens

Curable, Dangerous, Negotiable

Some of the issues you’ll encounter when completing your due diligence can be curable. Even among the really scary sounding ones. If you know your title, how the order of things impacts your ability to collect, and have good help, you can turn ugly scenarios into highly lucrative gold mines.

Others, for example; finding out that your pool of 30 million loans is pretty much all unsecured can seriously change your risk level and how much you’ll want to bid. Some debt just might not be collectable, at least not for a while. Then there are liens which can be negotiated way down, if you have the experience.

Experience vs. Inefficiencies

The thing is that most investors don’t want to learn hyper-expensive lessons via trial and error. Then there are the time constraints, even if you know what to do. It can soak up a lot of time driving around to local townships to find out if there are code enforcement liens or demolition orders. Or simply dealing with no-tech savvy authorities who want you to mail in a physical check to make your request. Unfortunately, there are just still a lot in inefficiencies in this business.

This is where Alex and his team of 1,500 title professionals in offices around the country and world have really been crushing it. Pro Title USA comes highly recommended by some pretty serious note buyers, and even won the contract to help the FDIC with their commercial assets. They’ve worked with Fannie Mae, and were the company of choice to help Freddie Mac with their first big sale of distressed assets. They know the ins and outs of different states, counties, and towns, and can even help with title searches in Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

The 50 Point Quality Control Tax & Title Checklist

Alex Goldovsky has streamlined title due diligence with technology, and have developed a 50 point checklist to help investors fast, with a product that even costs less than $50 per asset.

  • Living trusts
  • Redemption periods
  • Bankruptcy filings
  • Demolition orders
  • Deed restrictions
  • Breaks in the chain of assignment
  • What to watch out for in specific states and cities
Click here to Download the Title Due Diligence Bonus PDF

Bulletproof Title Due Diligence by Alex Goldovsky

Bulletproof Title Due Diligence by Alex Goldovsky
Bulletproof Title Due Diligence by Alex Goldovsky

Alex has actually “written the book” on title due diligence.
If you’re an investor of any kind – doing note deals, tax liens, or any other deals involving title – then you know how important due-diligence is.When you’ve beat your competition to a good deal you don’t want pooch the whole thing by failing on your due-diligence. Not only do you have to be thorough, you have to be fast.That’s why I’m recommending you checkout

by Alex Goldovsky.

Unless you already consider yourself and your process to be world class in due diligence – I urge you to check out Alex’s new book.

For less than the cost of a decent cocktail you’ll have instant access to deep industry knowledge that was hard won over a period of years and many thousands of due diligence reports.

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