Distressedpro.com Terminates Negotiations with Frank Tardif

May 14, 2012 – BOSTON, MA. Distressedpro.com today announced that Distressedpro.com and Frank Tardif, who for a short while had appointed and promoted himself as Distressedpro.com’s “consulting economist,” have decided to part ways and move down separate professional paths.

“I was pleased when Frank first showed interest and enthusiasm in Distressedpro.com by advising members of a LinkedIn group to participate in Distressedpro.com’s e-mail course,” said Brecht Palombo, founder and principal of Distressedpro.com. “I was equally pleased,” Palombo went on, “when Frank later participated in a Distressedpro.com podcast and told our listeners that Distressedpro.com is ‘the perfect tool’ and ‘truly astonishing.’” And, stated Palombo, “when Frank suggested that he begin referring to and promoting himself as Distressedpro.com’s ‘consulting economist,’ I saw logic and synergies in his suggestion.”

Nevertheless, Distressedpro.com has decided to abandon efforts to affiliate with Tardiff, and to move forward without his participation. “We were unable to arrive at agreeable business terms for the continuation of any relationship. Distressedpro.com wishes Frank all the best in his future endeavors,” said Palombo.

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