Find Abandoned Houses in Your Area

Finding abandoned properties for sale offers an amazing opportunity for savvy note investors to acquire properties at rock bottom prices. So the most obvious next question is, “how do I find abandoned houses near me?”

Here’s how to find abandoned properties in your area fast

What’s up everybody this is Brecht Palombo, I’m the founder of DistressedPro and I want to show you something here that is really cool. So you know that I’m a big fan of working with the institutional sellers and that’s where I’ve put most of my work, what you might not know is that before that I did an awful lot of wholesaling and working with independent investors.

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Basically, I had a license and I would go out and find desirable properties and then sell them to a small cluster of developers that I worked with and then they would rehab the thing and I would sell it again. And so just kind of got a lot of different ends of things. And so that’s one way to wholesale. And so what I did with that is I went after private private sellers and sometimes that’s the right thing for you to do depending on where you’re at in your business.

What I want to show you here is the vacant house data feed. The way that this works is it’s going to show you the vacant properties in your area that are excellent targets for the type of deals that we’re talking about. Excellent targets for flipping or rehabbing it because once the house is gone vacant it becomes a liability. You’ve got taxes, potentially vandalism,the upkeep and you’ve got to winterize that thing. So let’s just dig in here and I want to show you what we’ve got so I’m looking here in Bend Oregon and there’s a lot of different ways that we can do this.

Find abandoned property near you

One of the things that we can do let’s just do this first click on more filters and I only want to see I want to exclude condominiums or keep the single in the multi-family I want to exclude mobile homes or keep bank owned in there and city owned privately owned out-of-state owner will keep all this. And then what I probably don’t want is over leveraged in this case for this particular thing that I’m going to just do a couple of basic things like at least two bedrooms really to make this this worth my time.

And so then we’ll click search. And so this is showing 1644 vacant houses in my area. So, I want to get a little bit deeper I’m going to dig down just to Bend and I’ll search down down to seven hundred and seven homes.

And so what’s really cool about this right. In addition to we’ve got this map up here right and that’s awesome and I can see you know the more desirable areas that I have over here. This is kind of the west side that’s pretty hot in my town right now and then down here what we could see as last purchase price. The estimated market value the owners and in some cases we have their phone numbers which is just awesome. So the way that this would work. Right. I could get the property details I can save it. I can push this lead to another service that I’m using or I can print the details so we can take a look at the property details. And here it is. And so here’s the owner according to the taxes and the mailing address. And then they’ve got this cool thing here that is built in where you can just go right to Zillo with one click you could see all right.

Research abandoned houses for sale

Here’s the estimate 359 with the refinance payment etc.. The rent estimate 1895. And so there’s different things that I that I can do with this. And here’s the map down here. Again with the last purchase price and can see that it was in 09 and so now what I would do is probably go out and drive by this and just see it then I could all save this lead I’m going to save that so that I for later and I just think that this is one of the coolest. You know I’m a software guy. You know I’m a data guy and this is one of the coolest things that I’ve seen in a long time for identifying individual owners.

If you are doing this in any way then if you’re flipping houses in your area if you’re just looking for a house for yourself if you’re doing any of these things where it’s not like a regular business now if you’re looking to do regular business have a constant stream of non-performing notes and REO, this isn’t for you. But if you are just looking to get local deals then I think the vacant house data feed here is one of the coolest tools that I’ve seen in a really long time. So this is just a quick view of it. There’s a link below click that button and you can go check this out. But I think this thing is awesome and I’m going to use it actually in my town. We have been renting here for a little while because I think it’s pretty frothy and you know it’s just like the prices are pretty high right now.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go through here and I’m going to go out and I’m going to see if I can see what kind of deals I can pull out of. So that’s it. Click the button below. Go check out the vacant house data feed. Again this is like this is one of the coolest things that I have seen in terms of finding deals that has come out in a really really long time. So that set up you’re having a great day.

Go check this out right away.

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