Podcast: Multifamily Investment Success Story

From ZERO to $7MM Raised and Deployed in 4 Years

National REISHow does an independent go from ZERO to $7MM in private money raised and deployed on multifamily investments in just 4 years?

In this podcast I talk with Chris Urso of National REIS about how he achieved his rapid success.

Chris started out by buying and flipping bank owned residential properties, but where he found real success was when he started raising capital and investing in larger multifamily assets outside of his market.

Chris has closed on two bank owned multifamily properties recently and he shares a story with us about one of his partners who is currently under contract on a bank owned multifamily with a small community bank and he tells us how the deal went down.

Chris also talks about some of the secrets to his success including

  • How to start raising money
  • How to nurture your investor prospects
  • How to present your offer
  • And the biggest mistakes he sees new multifamily investors make

Half of the multifamily investments Chris has purchased have been distressed, bank owned properties.

If you’ve thought about raising capital, investing in multifamily properties, or investing outside of your area, this podcast is for you.

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  1. Brecht,
    I am looking for a software to anlyize NOI before acquiring multi family. I want to determine the value before putting an offer. What would you suggest?

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