How to Set and Achieve Your Real Estate Goals

set real estate goalsIt’s not too late to set your real estate goals for this year.

As a matter of fact it won’t be too late if you’re doing it in May or June, but the sooner you get started with deciding what you’re going to achieve this year, writing it down, then committing to a plan of action to achieve it the more likely it is that you’re going to get there.

For this show I invited back my friend Chris Urso from National REIS. Chris is an investor in multifamily and apartment properties in mid-America and he has been having a lot of success. Chris and the investors he works with have scored a number of bank direct deals as well as deals from private sellers.

Chris, like me, has a very relationship oriented approach to prospecting. Deals happen between people. So the key for you is to be regularly contacting, interacting with, and providing value to the people in the business who are going to help you get where you’re going in one way or another.

Listen in on our chat and if you haven’t already… please write down your goals.

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