Whole Loan Acquisition First National Bank of America

-Our primary focus is performing pools of residential 1st

-No pool too large or too small

-No geographical restrictions

Residential Loan Criteria

Loans of interest:

-Performing 1st

-Performing 2nd

-Re-performing 1st

-Scratch and Dent (anything we think will continue paying in the future)


-Max LTV 105%, if Investment or unique property type Max LTV 80%

-Min loan size $10k

-Max loan size $2MM


-Prefer credit score of 620+, we will consider lower if LTV and other loan characteristics

-We are ok with factors such as stated income, prior BK, mobile homes, etc.


-Prefer no interest only

-Prefer amortizations under 360


-Prefer a few years of seasoning, only one month is required.

Commercial Loan Criteria

-Performing 1st

-Debt service ratio of 1.2 or higher

-Recent financials are required

-Prefer LTV less than 70%

-Prefer a few years of seasoning

-660+ credit



liens with 0x30 for 24 months from the modification

offset the credit risk associated with lower credit scores.

liens, very very clean pay history required, we will consider commercial

non-performers in the Lansing and Grand Rapids, Michigan markets.

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Investment Criteria

  • $10000  
  • $2000000


Assets Types