Laguna Canyon Group LLC

Laguna Canyon Group is an Orange County, CA based family office that opportunistically invests in commercial real estate NPLs, REO and high-yield performing loans. LCG

A Plus Real Estate Capital

A Plus Real Estate Capital purchases, remodels & sells single family homes, condos, and commercial property nationwide. We have an experienced team of in-house project

Sage Notes LLC

We invest in Nonperforming and Reperforming 1st position residential loans as well as REO’s throughout the major markets across the country. We currently have a

PNL Companies

We buy performing and non-performing loans, REO, and other distressed real estate. Product types include: office, industrial, retail, lodging, land, other and limited SFR. We

AMSG, Inc.

Buying Non-performing notes and REO, both residential and commercial, 1sts and 2nds. We like Michigan and the Midwest, New York 5 boroughs and other challenging

Equigrowth Properties, LLLP

Purchase REO’s for rehab and resale to retail end buyers, must be <60% ARV depending on cost of rehab. Also purchase NPN’s, must be vacant

REI Business Associates

We are actively seeking off-market Commercial or Residential REOs. Our preferred bulk acquisition amounts range from $100,000 to $20 million. Our preferred territory to acquire

Park Street Group, LLC

We are a firm that specializes in converting pools of NPN’s to performing notes or REO’s and packaging for resale. For more specific information please

W Brothers Realty, LLC

We are interested in notes for income producing properties in which the foreclosure process has already been initiated and is ongoing. We look for deals

GM Holdings, LLC

We are looking to deploy funds for NPNs and REOs at a maximum of 65% of BPO and atleast 30% below UPB.  We can move fastest

Azevo, Inc.

Seeking non-performing first trust deeds and mortgages on low value (< $125,000) SFR in urban areas of the listed states. Also seeking low value (<

Assets Types: REO