How to Find Mortgage Note and Real Estate Buyers On LinkedIn

Walkthrough: How to Find Buyers on LinkedIn

In this video I show you how to find commercial real estate and note buyers but you can use the exact same process to find the volume buyers of residential notes and REO in your area.

How to Find Buyers on LinkedIn

In today’s market you should have no problem finding buyers for your deals. The world is teeming with cash as I write this. When that changes I’ll update this post…

In this video I show you how to use LinkedIn to find buyers for your commercial notes or for really any other types of assets that you’re looking to sell.

If you just getting started, then you probably don’t have your own capital to do the sorts of acquisitions that you’d like. And so the next best thing to that is fee income.

What that means is that you’re going to go out and you’re going to find deals and then either partner in them and write yourself into a little piece, carve off some for yourself or, finally, get fees for brokering the assets.

This is true whether you’re talking about notes or real estate. Let’s just dive in!

If you don’t have LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator I highly suggest that you go ahead and upgrade your LinkedIn membership for it. If you can possibly afford it, then you should definitely sign up for Sales Navigator. It’s a much more powerful tool and LinkedIn’s been really kind of cracking down more and more on “free” and making it so that you have to pay in order to get sort of the good tools. So you may as well just go ahead and do that if you’re serious about your business.

Find Companies Buying Real Estate on LinkedIn

So the first thing that I would do is search for leads or we can search for accounts. The different between leads and accounts is that leads are people and accounts are the organizations.

I start with accounts. And what I’m going to look for are accounts where they mentioned acquisitions. Doesn’t that make sense? That folks who are saying that they’re in the business of acquiring would be your best bet.

So let’s start with that. Then I add real estate and I’m going to add commercial real estate and since my friend Maurice in Colorado gave me the idea to put together this video, I’m going to do is add his location here and we’ll look for leads who are in Colorado.

Find Local Buyer Leads with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

So you can see I’ve got 54 results already, just getting started with this and then as we go through here, you can see here that they’re telling you exactly what it is that they do and what kinds of notes or real estate they’re trying to acquire.

These companies are announcing exactly what it is they’re after! Don’t be shy about this.

If somebody says that what they do is acquire and develop manage properties; if they’re saying that they’re in the business of acquiring hotels or they’re in the business of acquiring multi-families, then it’s not an imposition for you to reach out to them and to say:

Hey, I’m finding deals like {insert deal type}. Help me understand what makes a good deal for you.”

Say something simple like this

And that is the first thing that I would do. Reach out to them individually.

Include Private Equity Firms to Find Buyers on LinkedIn

Sometimes what you find is investment firms will be listed differently. And so what we might do is look for folks with the keywords “real estate” but we’ll use “private equity” for the industry.

You’re going to find that there are a lot of firms, with a lot of people who their entire job is finding deals. So to the extent that you’re able to help them do that, you’re going to be a very popular person.

Search “Leads” to Find Buyers on LinkedIn

The other thing you can do is look for leads and this is going to give us individual results for individual people. Again, I’m going to start with acquisitions.

As mentioned above, “accounts” are organizations and “leads” are people.

These people would like to hear from you if you are finding deals that would apply to them, it is in no way an imposition for you then to reach out to them about the sorts of deals that you’re turning up.

Now here’s what I recommend you do because if you look at the image above, we’ve got 2,595 total results, 106 of whom have changed jobs in the past 90 days.

What that means is that if they’ve just changed jobs, these are people who are probably looking to look good, looking to get a name for themselves at their new company and if you’re going to show up and bring real deals to them, especially if you’re bringing deals direct from lenders, like commercial note deals, yours is going to be a very welcome call.

You don’t have to get too tricky about this.

Someone who says he’s director of acquisitions and says he’s looking for self storage and they’re in the area that I’m shopping in. Well, just reach out to them directly.

Connect with them on LinkedIn and say…

Hey, I noticed that you’re in acquisitions for XX. I’d like to understand a little bit more about your acquisition criteria because I am turning over deals like this, because I’m doing this kind of prospecting on a regular basis.

Don’t overcomplicate what you’re saying to acquisitions folks

It’s going to be a very welcome call.

Add Your Buyer Contacts to a CRM

What you should do after that is put these people into some kind of CRM.

You probably don’t have a deal for Matt today, but you might have a deal for Matt tomorrow or next week.

If you go through LinkedIn and you talk to 2,539 people and you end up connecting with a thousand different people (which is a totally reasonable thing I’m connected to almost 7,000 people), then you need a way that to stay in touch with them AND have them properly tagged and categorized.

If you find multifamily deals you’re not going to send those deals to the people who are only interested in hospitality or healthcare right?

When you find a healthcare deal, are you going to send that to your entire database? No. You should send it to the segment that’s interested in that.

What would be important for you is to “tag” people and segment your database. If you’re sending relevant messages to your database you can keep them warm and war means that when they receive your email they don’t say “Oh, what’s this spam?” They’ll say, “Oh, here’s Brecht, he’s sent me another good multifamily deal.”

So put them into my database tag leads as being interested in multifamily, hospitality, etc..

You don’t have to overcomplicate this. There are people out there who are looking for the deals that you’re finding and they are ready to buy them. They have the money, they have the ability, they have a team in place in order to do the due diligence.

If you’re finding deals direct from banks and you’re contacting somebody who’s in charge of acquisitions for the same asset type, it’s a very welcome call.

This should be the easiest part of your job: finding the folks to buy your deals.

The hard part is doing the work and staying disciplined to find the deals. When you do find the deals, you should have a database.

Next Steps

These are the things you should do.

  1. You need a CRM, email marketing system, or database for the people with whom you have already connected (not cold prospecting). That system needs to be able to tag and segment your leads so that you know who your leads are and you’re not bombarding them with a bunch of crap they don’t want to hear about.
  2. Go get yourself access to LinkedIn sales navigator.
  3. Start reaching out locally.
  4. After connecting ask them if its ok if you add them to your deal notifications.
  5. Put them in your CRM

Having an email marketing system is key. You need some database, a contact database where you’re putting all these people in, tagging and segmenting them.

Hope that helps.

Go find yourself some deals.

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