Professional Grade Note and REO Training

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If you are an absolute beginner you may want to go through Basic Bank Direct Notes and REO Training so that you understand the players and components involved. It’s free.

  • The Bank Direct Success Manual

    Bank Direct Success Manual

    Learn everything you need to know to get started listing for sale or buying bad bank assets including notes and REO with the No-B.S. Bank Direct Success Manual. $97 – Included with your annual subscription

    You’ll walk through, step by step, how to find all the portfolio data you need, how to look for the bank direct opportunities, how to identify good prospects for your business, how know which types of assets a bank is likely to sell (at a discount), how know which banks are selling non-performing loans for sure and more. Part of the Bank Direct Pro Package, you’ll have all the tools you need to be able to find, qualify and connect with banks with distressed assets. You’ll know how to do your own research, without any software or other subscriptions.

  • Bank Direct Success Series

    reo and notes from banks training

    After completing the Bank Direct Success Pro Training Package you’ll know exactly which banks you should be contacting and why. You’ll know how to know what any bank has for bad assets on their books. You’ll understand how and why banks decide to sell. You’ll know how to tell if a bank is healthy enough to sell at a discount. You’ll learn how to know which banks are liquidating the assets of other failed banks and what the rules are around those sales. You’ll learn an approach to getting top decision makers on the phone – plus a whole lot more. Valued at $395 – Included with your annual subscription

    • Bank Direct Success Distressed Assets Training SeriesIntro: Unofficial Guide to Going Bank Direct
      In this introduction you'll learn about what types of data are available and how you can use that data to explode your prospecting. You'll also learn about which banks you should be pursuing first and why.
    • Billy_ProcidaModule 1: Working With Banks & Market Facts
      Get a grip on the numbers in the market. Hear from a 40 year veteran who's done billions of dollars in NY city deals. Learn where the real opportunity still lies today. This training module includes audio, video, and transcripts.
    • Greg Trotter commercial property receiverModule 2: How to Spy on Banks Legally
      You'll learn how to spy on banks legally. You'll lear how to peek inside a bank's portfolio and begin to understand where you can get this treasure trove of data. Plus you'll hear from a veteran commercial property receiver and he gives you insight into how he works with so many banks.
    • Brecht PalomboModule 3: How to Know if a Bank Can Sell
      In this module you'll learn the key indicator that tells you whether or not a bank is healthy enough to sell.
    • how to know which assets a bank is preparing to sellModule 4: How to Know Which Assets a Bank is Prepared to Sell
      In this module you'll learn the #1indicator that tells you WHICH assets a bank is preparing to sell. by looking at how banks are approaching their portfolios you'll be able to understand if there's likely a deal there or not.
    • SVP at Auction.comModule 5: How to Determine Deal Size Potential
      Johan McCaffrey, SVP at and former Wall St mortgage banker takes us behind the scenes to understand how to size up NPL deal size potential at community and regional banks. This module includes audio, video and transcripts.
    • banks selling loansModule 6: How to Know for Sure That a Bank IS Selling Notes
      This is an absolute MUST for anyone in the non-performing note business. In this module you'll learn how to know, for sure, which banks are selling non-accrual assets, aka non-performing loans.
    • failed-bankModule 7: How to Find Assets From Failed Banks
      In this module you'll learn about what happens to the assets, notes and REO, of failed banks. We'll look at where they go, how they're sold, and how to know which banks are in control of which assets from failed banks under "Loss Sharing" agreements.
    • Jason LucchesiModule 8: How to Find and Connect with Bankers
      This is where the rubber meets the road. Now you're armed with what you need to know the next thing you need to do is put it to work. This module includes a video where you'll learn insights into effective methods to get top decision makers on the phone, we'll walk you through typical 'org' structures, and you 'll hear from 2 separate speakers, both seasoned investors, about how they find and connect with decision makers at banks.
  • Note Buyer and Broker Training

    non performing note closing

    You’ll hear from real note investors and brokers who are active in the business today. You get an inside look at their entire operation including how they source their notes, how they evaluate or qualify the deals, their money making strategies, funding strategies, exit strategies and more.

    As a subscriber you get access to the audio or video and transcripts of every interview and it’s all at no extra cost. The note business is great if you want to be able to do deals anywhere in the country without leaving your desk. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a just getting started you’ll hear actionable tips, strategies, business plans, and more from active successful note buyers and brokers. Valued at $395 – Included with your annual subscription

    • Northern Value GroupNon Performing Note Buying Primer
      You'll learn what the difference is between buying a note and buying the property. You'll learn about the difference between dealing with private sellers versus institutional sellers (banks etc). You'll learn this investors preferred exit strategies for nonperforming loan sales that can make you big money.
    • private note seller leadsAutomated Privately Held Note Leads to Your Inbox Daily
      In this video you'll learn how to get private note holder leads sent automatically to your inbox every single day. This is a follow up to "How to Get Started in the Note Business"
    • Pinnacle invstmentsHow to Get Started in the Note Business
      You'll learn how to get started in the note business with private note seller leads. You'll learn 1 strategy for immediate income int he note business and 2 strategies to achieve residual income in the note business, plus you'll learn the details of how this expert evaluates the note deals before he does them so you can do the same.
    • SVP at Auction.comExpert’s Loan Sales Process Step by Step
      You'll learn the exact internal processes that one of the biggest sellers of notes on the planet uses to package and market their notes. You'll have a solid understanding of what your internal packaging and marketing process should look like in your note broker business.
    • Fullwood_1025823 Key Elements You Must Get Right In Your Residential Note Deals
      Warning: Failure to evaluate any of these 3 key elements in every residential note deal you do could result in FAILURE.
    • qualified private note seller leadsHow to Qualify Your Private Seller Note Deals
      You'll learn how to qualify your private seller note deals and you'll learn the #1 myth that private note holders hold in their heads and how you can overcome it to get your deal done.
    • Scott Carson note trainerHow to Source Notes from Banks and Hedge Funds
      You'll learn how to source notes from banks and hedge funds. You'll learn from an expert in non-performing notes who has a database of more than 2700 institutional seller contacts, a man selling hundreds, if not thousands, of notes per year while holding some for his own portfolio.
    • Michael Ruscica - note investorMaking Money with 2nd Position Mortgages
      How to make money with non-performing 2nd position mortgages, how to find note investors, how to make sure you get paid as a note broker, how to get started in the note business with no money - this one is PACKED
  • How to Get Funding for Your Note and REO Deals

    Make money with mortgages

    Learn how to fund your note and REO deals. You’ll learn from an experienced attorney about the ins and outs of raising private money for your note or REO acquisitions. You’ll get the top tips from an expert who’s raised millions of dollars. You’ll learn how one of my associates funded an entire deal with nothing but a webinar and you’ll learn how you can do it too. Valued at $395 – Included with your BankProspector Subscription

  • Loan Acquisition Suitability Evaluation and Rating


    Note investors and brokers who are buying or brokering commercial notes should buy this training course. Designed originally in response to an RFP from the FDIC this course and Loan Acquisition Suitability Evaluation and Ratings system will makes evaluation so simple that anyone who can read and “paint by numbers” can be an expert when it comes to evaluating commercial real estate loans. Watch the FREE WEBINAR to learn the 40+ evaluation points that you must review before any CRE note purchase to determine it’s suitability. Whether you’re a 1-man band or an acquisitions team evaluating billions in commercial real estate notes, this is for you.