TX Real Investments, LLC

TX Real Investments, LLC has been in business for 16 years buying non-performing first and second liens in residential and commercial space. We are looking

Argosy Credit Partners

Argosy Credit Partners purchases underperforming and nonperforming commercial loans from banks and other lending institutions – the types of loans include commercial and industrial (“C&I”),

Flying Moose LLC

We invest in 1st position Non Performing Residential single and multi family notes REOs and foreclosed homes.

KATS REI Services

We invest in first lien non-performing notes, and notes that have already gone through forcelosure (REO). Single family.

Aider Financials LLC

Here are our purchase criteria for buying notes: 1) Lien Position: First Mortgages (sometimes Second​ Mortgages​) 2) ​Type: Residential Non-Performing​ ​Notes Only; We do not

AMSG, Inc.

Buying Non-performing notes and REO, both residential and commercial, 1sts and 2nds. We like Michigan and the Midwest, New York 5 boroughs and other challenging

Riverstone Properties, LLC

Looking for value-add opportunities in emerging southeastern markets. We don’t have a true minimum transaction size, but will spend up to $250 million on one

ONG Wealth Group

We invest in performing 1st and 2nds. We invest in non-performing 2nds “with equity” and “no equity with the senior of 110% or less LTV.”

25 Equities

Looking for distressed Single/Multi-families, Vacant or not in the NYC area. Also looking to buy non-performing notes. Also looking for off-market vacant lots.

Assets Types: 1st Liens