Let the Deals Find You

Finding deals is hard.

So let the deals find you.

Get your company’s name and investment criteria in front of thousands of active participants in the distressed assets market.

Get deals that meet your criteria sent direct to your inbox

Our subscribers are turning up new non-performing note, REO, and other distressed debt and real estate deals on a regular basis.

Many of our subscribers are not direct investors but brokers, birddogs, and wholesalers who are doing the prospecting work but are not investing directly in the deals they find.

They want to send the deals they find to you.​

Choose a listing package below.

Not matter which one you choose you’ll get your company’s name, investment criteria and contact info in front of many (if not most) of the key movers and shakers in this business.​

Distressedpro.com is one of the most heavily visited sites in the distressed assets market on the web. We receive tens-of-thousands of highly targeted visits each month.

Order now and take advantage of one of the most targeted and cost effective promotions you’ll run this year.

Basic Listing

  • 1 Year in the Verified Investor’s Directory
  • Your company’s info and investment criteria emailed to our entire database with other newly registered investors

$249 / yr

That’s just $20.75/mo !


Premium Listing

  • 1 Year in the Verified Investor’s Directory
  • A solo-email campaign to our entire database
  • Enhanced profile and investment criteria listing including logo
  • Featured spot in the Bank Direct LinkedIn group for 1 week
  • Your listing promoted via LinkedIn group notice to Bank Direct group members (like an email)
  • Recorded interview promoted to our members
  • Referrals from us (people ask us ALL the time)

$449 / yr

That’s just $37.42/mo !



​What happens next?

  • Your investment criteria has already been submitted and your post is set as a draft in our listing system.
  • You’ll choose a plan and then enter your payment information on the next page
  • After you complete the transaction someone from our team will be notified and will begin the review process on your listing
  • If your listing is not approved we will reach out to you for clarifications.
  • If after clarifications your listing is not, for any reason, permitted in the directory we will immediately refund your payment.
  • If you are approved your listing will go live immediately.