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Crain Mortgage Group

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18383 Preston Road Suite 230

Dallas, TX 75252

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About: We have an experienced staff that has been working together from nearly the start of the organization. We are systematic in our approach yet can easily adapt to unique financings. We work hard and we deliver value. This allows us to be in the prime location for FHA financings and puts us in a position to gather understandings of current FHA thought sooner than most companies. We package your loan well, succinctly and persuasively, creating areas of common agreement within the loan submission itself. We have an excellent track record of success. Presently we are in the midst of obtaining GNMA approval to service our own loans, which will deepen our ability to provide value to you the borrower and the property for years to come. We are excited about the future of Crain Mortgage and look forward to making your FHA financing a success.