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Headquaters ,
Main Phone (951) 737-6262
Credit Union Number # 15784
Total Assets $16,672,160
Reporting Date Q3 2021
Last updated Sep 2021


NOVO REO and Foreclosed Assets

Foreclosed and Repossessed Assets Number Amount
Foreclosed and Repossessed Assets 0 $0
Foreclosed and Repossessed Assets, Real Estate 0 $0
Foreclosed and Repossessed Assets, Automobiles 0 $0
Foreclosed and Repossessed Assets, Other 0 $0
Amount of Real Estate Loans Foreclosed YTD 0 $0

NOVO Capital

Well Capitalized Amount
Total Assets $16,672,160
Less: Allowance for Loan & Lease Losses $82,027
Allowance for Losses on All Real Estate Loans $0
Provision for Loan & Lease Losses $0

NOVO's Late and Non-Performing Loan Portfolios

Troubled Loans Overview Number Amount
Loans Held for Sale - $0
Amount of Real Estate Loans Sold but Still Serviced - $0
Troubled Debt Restructured Loans 1 $19,574

All Other Loans

30-59 day late
60-179 day late
180-360 day late
360+ day late

NOVO Portfolio Info

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NOVO NCUA Call Report

All of the portfolio and financial information in our reports is pulled directly from NCUA. We take updates from the federal reporting database for all US credit unions.

NOVO Foreclosures and Non-Performing Loans

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