Start Doing Repeat, 5-6 Figure, Discounted and Distressed Non-performing Note and REO Deals Direct with Lenders

Since 2009 we've been helping people just like you to do more deals, more profitably, and faster than they ever had before. Are you next?  - Brecht Palombo, President

Change Your Business Forever

Trying to decide if this program is for you?

Maybe you're here because you're sick and tired of working with private sellers like I was.

Maybe you're here because you've been trying to find deals out there and you know how difficult and time consuming it can be in this market.

Maybe you're here because ​you're in the note business and you need more inventory.

Or maybe you're  here because you're looking to get started in the note business and you know you have to find your own deals if you want to do it right.

Maybe you need local REO as a Realtor, developer or investor.

Whatever brought you to the webinar and this page I want to help you decide if this end of the business is for you and if this program is what you're looking for.

If you want to do repeat deals  instead of constantly chasing new sellers...

If you want to have buyers and investors chasing you instead of the other way around...

If you want to finally work with sellers who don't take it personally when they take a hit and who have a seemingly unending supply of distressed assets that they have to sell...

Then read on because because you've found the #1 resource in the industry to accomplish your goals.

Here Was Paul's Experience with Our Program

It took me probably a good 60, 90 days to keep calling people back, feeling them out and seeing the people I could really deal with and back in December I found a bank out in California, relatively small bank, and in talking to them I realized that they needed to cash out some of the stuff because they needed capital.

So, when I go into Distressed Pro it gives you everything you want to know about the bank. I mean it tells you all the non-accrual loans, the REOs and so forth.

So the end result of this in a latter part – actually I got a check February 4, I closed – in banking this is a relatively small deal, but was $8.25 million on some nonperforming notes.

As a result of that he wants me to represent the bank for the next two years which is pretty cool and so we have three more deals cooking, everything should close by the end of March probably for about maybe – two of them very small and then we’ve got one bigger one. It’s about $20 to $22 million total. When I say $20 to $22 million that would be gross. We’d probably end up somewhere around $16 million as far as the actual buy.

So, I get a point of that (1%) and that makes me happy.

Paul Marshall – Investments Only Group, NC

John Doe UI/UX Designer

How would it feel to do a deal a year like Paul's? Nobody can guarantee your success but you. What I can guarantee is that you will have all the tools, technology and opportunity that Paul had plus a whole lot more and that we will support you 100% in achieving your goals with a proven system.

Do Business Anywhere in the Country Right From Your Computer

Banks have local REO deals for sure and you can do those deals all day...

But one of the more exciting opportunities in real estate today is in notes and in particular in non-performing notes. The note business is one of the rare real estate niches where most investors never see the collateral for the assets they invest in. 

In the note business you can find deal with banks anywhere in the country and you can fund, flip, or broker your deals to investors who are anywhere in the country.

The only things you need are a phone, a computer, and a desire to succeed.

The note business is still the wild west. With very few exceptions there are no licensing requirements of any  kind to buy, flip, or broker notes, unlike real estate. 

Maybe you came here thinking that all you wanted to do was local REO deals.

What most of our members find out is that there are so many more opportunities than just discounted local real estate (REOs) and once you dig in and start using our system and calling on ​lenders a whole other world of deal possibilities present themselves.

Why? Because a lender's primary assets are the notes. Real estate is an unwanted byproduct of bad notes.

When you start with the debt side of the business, the notes, the number of exits and profit opportunities is multiplied exponentially.

When I Started Selling Distressed Assets for Lenders My Whole Business Changed

  • Suddenly I had '3 bites at the apple', as my mentor used to say - the note before the foreclosure, the foreclosure, and then the REO. There is no other end of the real estate business that can claim the same.
  • No longer was I wrestling reasonable sales prices out of unreasonable sellers
  • Finally I had a defined set of prospects and I could do deal after deal month after month all the while only maintaining a small list of just a handful of clients who executed millions in transaction volume.

From Driving Truck to Driving Deals. Here's Clint's Story with Our Program

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Yes. I've got one deal that we're looking to close probably within the next week or so. It's a trailer park deal and it's relatively ... It's a good size deal.

Basically, it came from me reaching out to banks and you know I do some homework via the stuff that you provided and I go in and check to see if they were healthy or not and if they indeed had any assets and try to find the correct person.

It took a little work. It took some calls and e-mails, but Yes I made some headway and that's my first note deal and like I said I'll be closing that in about a week and right behind it now via the same bank looking to possibly close a second deal.

Got it on the table, got it in front of a couple of people and it's a storage facility, pretty big as well. I'm having success, a little success is coming.

I'll make $15,000. This is my first deal. It probably took me, all together shooting e-mails and I had to do a little bit of ... Everything Idid from my laptop, but like I said I tried to simplify the process or make it easier for both sides, 5 hours.

... it's an awesome experience. It's an awesome feeling. I mean I got past the being ... I was apprehensive about calling. I'm thinking, oh banks and the numbers are so big, but it's just a conversation...

Clint Walker

What Would 3-5 Repeat Sellers of 5 to 6 Figure Note & REO Deals Do For You?

  • Would your spouse leave their job? 
    One of the first things we did once we started doing well was relieve my wife of a high stress, long-hour, somewhat dangerous inner-city hospital job.
  • Would you do extended travel?
    Our location independent business let cut the cord to suburbia and travel full-time, for over a year, fulfilling a lifelong dream. My friend Mike Ruscica likes to talk about how he can do his note business from the ski lodge. What would you do.
  • Would you just double down and grow your wealth exponentially?
    My friend Paul Birkett took his note business and built a multi-million dollar machine as did Dave Van Horn and others. You'll hear interviews inside from numerous investors who took their businesses full-time in a few short years.
  • Would You Hire Your Family?
    One of the things that I think is so great are the family success stories, husbands, wives, and their sons and daughters working on their own family business growing their assets and succeeding together. You'll learn how they do it and  hear more from them insides...

We're Devoted to Making You Excellent at the Single Most Important Thing in the Business
(Finding the Deals)

The big mistake that most people make when they're getting started with this is two-fold:

The first thing they do wrong is that they believe that they have to know every single excruciating detail before they begin... and that leads them to their second mistake - they simply fail to take action.

Executing on our program will make you excellent at souring note or REO deals.

Finding deals is the most important most profitable job in the business. Being able to find deals puts you in control of the deal and in control of your financial future.

NOTHING happens until you find a deal. There's no marketing, funding, ​servicing, nothing... Absolutely nothing happens until someone finds a deal.

If you are the one finding the deals then you have the world at your feet. When you're the one who finds the deals you will never have a shortage of investors or buyers to work with.

If you're investing your own capital then being able to source deals direct means that you'll never be subject to broker chains and leftover low margin product.

Do you want to finally get out of the broker chains? Wouldn't it be nice to know that, because you can find the deals, you never have to worry about where your deals and money will come from again?

The Most Profitable Investors, Brokers, Flippers or Wholesalers Have this One Key Skill:
They Know How to Find the Deals

And when you complete our program you'll have the tools and the knowledge to be able to find deals from the biggest source of repeat, discounted and distressed sellers in real estate and notes - LENDERS


The Complete System: BankProspector and the
Bank Direct Mastery Program

For a limited time we've combined the best, most comprehensive distressed deal sourcing training in the business with the most powerful non-performing note and REO sourcing software on the planet to offer you this complete system - at an unbeatable price.


Give Me 30 Minutes a Day and You'll Be Able to Source Deals Like a Pro in Just 6 Weeks - Step-by-Step

  • Learn the entire process, not just pieces. From prospect research, to finding decision makers, to winning confidence, to prospecting scripts, to signup sellers and doing deals - we cover it.
  •  6 Core Training Modules
  • 48 Training Videos
  • 25 Worksheets, cheat sheets, check lists and action plans
  • 11 Deal forms and contracts
  • 3 Cold email templates
  • 3 Lnkedin contact templates
  • Sample Direct Mail Campaign
  • 200+ resources
  • Personalized prospecting script review
Verified Investors Database

Comprehensive Step-by-Step Video Training System 

Forms, Scripts, Templates, Checklists and Action Plans

The Bank Direct Mastery Program isn't one of those that gives you a few pieces and lets you figure out the rest. When you go through this training you will be fully equipped with everything you need to succeed.

Bank Direct Mastery



Eliminate Research and Find Your Best Prospects for Non-Performing Notes and REO in Just a Few Clicks

Verified Investors Database
  • Tracking nearly $1/4 trillion in portfolios of non-performing notes and REO
  • 11,876 lenders, includes every bank and credit union in the U.S. plus hundreds of special servicers
  • 18,349 in-house contacts and growing every week
  • Concierge contact service where our team will do your contact research for you
  • Advanced search with notifications so you find your best prospects before your competitors
  • Updated nightly with a direct connection to Federal databases

Find Sellers

Powerful features that lead you to your best prospects in minutes instead of months.

Find Contacts

With over 18,000 contacts plus our contact finder concierge service you'll get your decision makers

Do Deals

Track your prospecting progress and activities and conversations. Beat your competitors to the best deals.

BankProspector Elite

$2499 / year


Kickstart Your Business with 100s of Verified Investors You Can Do Deals with Commission-Free

  • Instant access to hundreds of investors
  • Over $1 Billion in acquisition and investment appetite
  • Includes investor's investment criteria, name, phone number, email and a deal submission form
  • Search by desired asset types and locations
  • New investors added weekly
  • No 'split' or commission when you do a deal with one of our investors. You keep it all.
Verified Investors Database

Verified Investors Database

$199 / year


Learn Insider Tips, Tactics and Strategies from the Some of the Industries Leading Professionals

Verified Investors Database
  • 3 Series: Starter, Pro, Funding
  • 40+ Interviews
  • Over 29 hours of content and counting
  • Learn the tactics, strategies and processes of experts in the business in a way not possible anywhere else
  • Starter Series: Learn what others did to get started and achieve their goals
  • Pro Series: Hear how seasoned professionals grow and run their businesses
  • Get Funding Series: Learn how you can raise money to participate in the deals you find

Learn from These Experts and Many More

Expert Interview Series


We're Not Successful Unless You Are

  • Enjoy ultra-responsive, top-notch, U.S. based support and live chat
  • Free tape evaluation - when you find a "live one" our expert partners will help you evaluate profit potential
  • You'll get 6-Months follow up Q&A - get all your answers
  • I will personally review your prospecting script and we'll go back and forth until its perfect
  • Built-In buyers for all types of deals - perfect for flippers, brokers, and wholesalers

Experienced Professionals and Beginners Agree

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I think I'm in love!”

“Already found a bank with $18MM parcel of land to build 500 units and they have no representation. This stuff is very exciting.

Antonio S.
- Sperry Van Ness, Miami

“An invaluable resource...”

“Distressed Pro is an invaluable resource to get updated information on finding banks distressed & non performing assets. This system helps me locate the sub & non performing assets, find the decision makers, & gives me updated reports to help me speak intelligently about what types of loans a bank has that are in default."

Andy B.
- VP of Asset Management, Fitz Debt Acquisitions
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I would not want to go through what we went through originally (before your software)”

Ron Happe
- Principal, Main St Capital Partners

“No hesitation. Order Brecht’s Distressed Pro Training immediately.”

If you want to be a professional in the non-performing note space you MUST have the tools available in Brecht Palombo’s Distressed Pro Training.I am an experience non-performing note investor, vetted with multiple hedge funds. It became immediately apparent while taking the Distressed Pro Training that not only did I not have the answers, I didn’t even have the correct questions that would lead to acquiring non-performing bank notes and OREO.No hesitation. Order Brecht’s Distressed Pro Training immediately. (This is a true, non-compensated non-solicited testimonial.)

Bill McNichols
Ten Financial Group
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“We've made several good bank connections as a result of our subscription”

I wouldn’t be w/o distressedpro. We’ve made several good bank connections as a results of our subscription, and continue to use it on a regular basis. Anyone trying to do business with banks needs all the data they can get their hands on and your site easily provides it.

Denver Burdette
DB Capital

“Definitely worth the initial and monthly price!”

I have to say, I really love the site and it is definitely worth the initial and monthly price! I see you have a ton of banks and credit Unions as well as loan servicers, which is awesome!

Michael Neal
Note Purchase Pro
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“It's really the only tool you need”

Mike Ruscica

“Everything you need is right at your fingertips.”

Peter Eiseman
Genesis East Acquisitions
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Decide Now to Change Your Business Forever

You'll get immediate access to the Bank Direct Mastery and Mastering BankProspector training, the Expert Interview Series, the BankProspector software, the Verified Investors Database and so much more.

If you're serious about succeeding in this business then try us risk-free for the next 30 days. You've got nothing to lose. The risk is entirely ours.

Academy Member Homepage

100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


This Offer Ends Soon

Brecht Palombo
Creator of BankProspector and

About the President

I built this for you because I wished that I had it when I first started out.

Working with lenders changed my business and it will change yours. I started doing more, and bigger deals. But, perhaps more importantly, I started doing repeat deals which meant less time prospecting and more time doing the things that actually make money.

If you're a seasoned professional then you'll appreciate the depth of knowledge that you'll gain in what often feels like a "black box" - the world of special assets and non-performing assets.

If you're new to the business then you'll appreciate the step-by-step approach and how we shortcut and demystify so much of this tiny but wildly profitable niche in the industry.

Regardless of where you are today you'll be glad that you positioned yourself for the inevitable turn in the market that has crushed so many in the past and threatens to again in the not-too-distant future.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.​

Who's This For?

Still wondering if this is for you? Here's what we know about who succeeds and who doesn't.

This is for you

  • If you want in depth professional grade training, tools and resources
  • If you know where you want to go you'd just prefer a map to stumbling through
  • If you're the type of person who takes action
  • If you're not intimidated by a suit
  • If you'll take direction and implement a proven plan

This is not for you

  • If you're broke as a joke and you're not sure if you can pay rent this month
  • If you want to get rich quick
  • If you're unable to take action and you blame others for your personal failures
  • If you're a serial course collector and can't get out of your own way
  • If you believe in things like "push button profits"

You're 60 Seconds Away From
Changing Your Business Forever

  1. Bank Direct Mastery - A complete prospecting training system you can master in 6 weeks ($3382) 
    Learn how to identify and contact your best prospects for non-performing notes or REO. Includes a forms, templates, and scripts library. Plus a personal review of your script by me and 6 months of follow up Q&A and support. There is nothing else like it on the market.
  2. BankProspector Elite - Find the best sellers of notes and REO plus key contacts ($2499)
    BankProspector Elite give you access to the non-performing note and REO portfolio information as well as, financial health, and sell indicators plus contacts, deal tracking, and more for every bank and credit union in the United States.
  3. Expert Interviews - Real life info and advice from the people on the front lines ($891)
    Learn how the beginners got started, the pros do business and the funded got funding. We go in depth with top experts in the industry. You'll learn about how the beginners got successful, how the pros grow their business and how you can raise money to do deals. Fully mobile you can take the training with you.
  4.  Verified Investor's Database  - 100s of Investors with billions in appetite, updated weekly ($199)
    Each week many apply and only a few are added to our verified investor's database. If you're looking to flip, wholesale, broker, or raise money to participate in deals then the Verified Investor's Database is your shortcut to success.

$7,268 $497

Then just $249 $99/mo with no commitment

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you are not happy for any reason during your first 30 days of ownership simply cancel and let us know and we will refund 100% of your investment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to complete the training in 6 weeks?

What if I have questions or need help?

Won't everyone be calling on the same banks?

Will banks sell single notes?

Don't banks have to sell REO with a Realtor?

I'm trying to buy the property located at (some address) 123 Main St?

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