Do you provide lists of specific assets for sale?

We often get asked if we provide lists of assets for sale in one way or another…

Do you have lists of REO for sale?
Do you provide the addresses of properties for sale?
Do you sell tapes or lists of assets?
How can I be the agent for the foreclosure at 123 Main St?
Can you give me a list of assets for sale in my area?

…sorry folks, the short answer is No.

We teach people how to find and buy (or broker) distressed assets (like non-performing notes and REO) directly from the banks that hold them. We also offer a few tools to help make the process easier. Here is a rundown of the products we DO offer.

This information isn’t exactly public, and, for the most part banks don’t disclose property addresses or any other information about the asset or borrower unless a) they believe you can help them get these assets off their books, and b) they have a signed non-disclosure agreement from you.

If you get a list from someone who is not the lender or seller, it is likely they are getting some benefit or commission fee from the sale of those assets.

For specific details on preforeclosures, short sales, sheriff sales, foreclosures, and bankruptcies you can always check

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