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Special assets officers are typically responsible for overseeing the processing of distressed bank assets. Special assets positions are growing in this economy. Typically you'd be responsible for taking loans from the point of default through disposition. You'll frequently have to deal with borrowers with troubled credits. You will engage legal counsel for the bank independently. You'll help to make loan workout strategies and failing that you will be responsible for moving assets through the processor foreclosure. Special assets officers must be willing to travel to see the assets. You'll need significant experience in valuing different types of real estate or and frequently you'll contract others to value the real estate for you.


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    To Whom it May Concern:

    I have a successful proven track record of top performance in the commercial loan workout field with over 20 years of experience. I am self -motivated, detail-oriented, and enjoy the challenges offered by the Special Assets field.
    I am able to analyze the credit exposure and translate an effective and workable solution, striving for a win / win scenario for both the Bank and the customer if at all possible. I strive to understand the borrower’s situation and psyche, the Bank’s needs and seek to find the most cost-effective and solution, whether it is, a retain, and exit or liquidation strategy.
    I have been able to effectively work with the credit officers, loan officers, and treasury officers to facilitate strategies that identify potential losses in the early stages to build action plans to prevent further credit deterioration, and build into the loan agreements effective covenants that will benchmark the borrower’s progress or lack thereof.
    Below is a list of references of past managers, and colleagues, and vendor attorneys that can attest to my skill set and track record of success. I can be reached anytime on my cell ph#(614) 354 7772.

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