W Brothers Realty, LLC

We are interested in notes for income producing properties in which the foreclosure process has already been initiated and is ongoing. We look for deals

Helping Hands Community Partners

Our mission statements is to acquire property (REO/abandoned/estate sales/etc), rehab them and sell them to Veterans, LMI or Seniors at least 10% below appraised value.


This is the key criteria we look for when assessing real estate opportunities. Capital Service Group is currently considering the acquisition of individual properties or

Justin Pierce

I am looking for REO farmland anywhere in the lower 48 states.   I prefer deals that are no smaller than 40 acres and will look at

Riverdale Funding LLC

I am looking for multifamily/apt building and commercial npn’s in NYC and the surrounding area and also in Florida and California…basically any geographic locale if the asset makes sense.

Preferred Equity Investments, LLC.

Acquisition Criteria: – Class A, B, or C+ (Class B is preferred) – Multi Family, Retail, Office (will consider any asset class if very opportunistic)

Black Stone Associates

Mainly New York metro area New York City: Brooklyn aka Kings County  reo: Queens county  reo Nassau county reo    possible notes too Suffolk county

Win Squared Capital Group

Nationwide. Comm. NON/REO deals. Resi. 1TD NPN and bulk REO. No brokers please. Be a direct seller or bank Rep. Want to take down deals

NC One Trust

Nationwide, Any property class,  Job-producing investments only, Asset-based investments and RE development projects Minimum investment $2Million Seed capital for development projects that merit early stage non-bankable

Location: NY