SBBS Capital & Holdings, LLC

Looking to fix and flip 1-4 unit residential or buy, rehab and hold 5+ units. I have an approved exposure line for acquisition and rehab

A Plus Real Estate Capital

A Plus Real Estate Capital purchases, remodels & sells single family homes, condos, and commercial property nationwide. We have an experienced team of in-house project

Sage Notes LLC

We invest in Nonperforming and Reperforming 1st position residential loans as well as REO’s throughout the major markets across the country. We currently have a

M&N Equities Inc

Our company finds and invests in very lucrative note deals. We would rather get the note to perform again, but in instances have to foreclose

TX Real Investments, LLC

TX Real Investments, LLC has been in business for 16 years buying non-performing first and second liens in residential and commercial space. We are looking

Kumhino, Inc.

We are looking for charged off junior liens. We prefer residential, but open to commercial. We seek to either renegotiate with owner or foreclose on

Private Commercial Capital, LLC

Private Commercial Capital focuses on the acquisition of defaulted 1st mortgage commercial and residential notes as well as REO. We are primarily focused in Florida

Silver Hill Solutions LLC

We purchase performing and non-performing-occupied residential backed notes to hold 1-2 years and resell. We prefer to buy notes with property values from $30K to

REI Business Associates

We are actively seeking off-market Commercial or Residential REOs. Our preferred bulk acquisition amounts range from $100,000 to $20 million. Our preferred territory to acquire

Matthews & Co

We are looking for properties and notes in the Charlotte Metro area. Ideally residential, but would be open to retail and office. $50K-$1M range. When

New Morning Mortgage Company, LLC

Prefer 1st position liens in residential property, but will accept 2nds.  Trying to stay close to home in MD and VA, but will definitely invest

Assets Types: Residential