The Tryllion Group

The Tryllion Group is an investment company focused on undervalued real estate opportunities. These real estate opportunities include defaulted mortgages, real estate owned (foreclosed properties

Equigrowth Capital Inc.

Equigrowth Capital is an alternative real estate investment firm that acquires distressed and non-performing whole loan mortgages for our own portfolios. We then work the

Forty Mile Investments, Inc.

Seeking non-performing, single family 2nds and HELOCs, especially those with a bankruptcy and/or several year’s non-payment. Most states.

AMSG, Inc.

Buying Non-performing notes and REO, both residential and commercial, 1sts and 2nds. We like Michigan and the Midwest, New York 5 boroughs and other challenging

Asset & Note Acquisitions, LLC

Multi-family properties 150+ units, $2-10M, CAPS of 8% or greater, 12% cash-on-cash, 1.60 DCR, 85% occupancy & rising, B or C neighborhoods with Pitched Roofs

GM Holdings, LLC

We are looking to deploy funds for NPNs and REOs at a maximum of 65% of BPO and atleast 30% below UPB.  We can move fastest

SLU Capital, LLC

We are looking for Single and Multi Family Residential Units, Hotels and small Strip Center Defaulted Notes in Florida. We will also buy Re-Performing Notes

Sterling Wealth Protection

I am interested in NPN’s with a complete file and chain of title. I prefer assets in well populated areas. Also notes that are well

House O’Foam, Inc.

We’re always looking to purchase centralized non-performing notes in the Dallas-Ft.Worth metroplex markets and the San Diego, CA areas. Multi-family projects always welcome too in

Assets Types: NPN