A Plus Real Estate Capital

A Plus Real Estate Capital purchases, remodels & sells single family homes, condos, and commercial property nationwide. We have an experienced team of in-house project


I am an investor seeking to purchase: Bank owned and Individually owned single, and multi-family foreclosures, Bank owned Non Performing real estate backed notes and

Forty Mile Investments, Inc.

Seeking non-performing, single family 2nds and HELOCs, especially those with a bankruptcy and/or several year’s non-payment. Most states.

Flying Moose LLC

We invest in 1st position Non Performing Residential single and multi family notes REOs and foreclosed homes.

Silver Hill Solutions LLC

We purchase performing and non-performing-occupied residential backed notes to hold 1-2 years and resell. We prefer to buy notes with property values from $30K to

Gemini Solutions LLC

Non-performing Mortgage Notes – Mostly interested in 2nds, but will look at 1st. Mostly looking for equity over 1st , partial to full on 2nd.

Azevo, Inc.

Seeking non-performing first trust deeds and mortgages on low value (< $125,000) SFR in urban areas of the listed states. Also seeking low value (<

Principle Holdings

We specialize in finding, buying & selling distressed assets, NPN’s, off-market REO’s, 1st lien whole note (non-performing) in most major markets across the U.S. (2nd

Interstate Financial Group Inc.

Interstate Financial Group Inc is a well-funded, well-regarded real estate solutions provider in the secondary mortgage market, specializing in non-performing commercial/residential mortgages and REOs with

Cincero Investment Properties

I am looking to start in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  I can also do El Paso as well.  I either want to get the notes

Boss Investments

Interested in purchasing non performing residential or commercial First Position notes  in Illinois Chicago Land, Cook, Will and Lake Counties that is cleared to purchase

Assets Types: Non-Preforming Residential Assets