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Unlimited Lender Reports 200 Contacts Per Month Mastering BankProspector Standard Support Choose Monthly

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Unlimited Lender Reports 2400 Contacts Per Month Mastering BankProspector Bank Direct Mastery Academy Premium Support Choose Annual

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While you have access to a total of 53,242 (and counting) your plan determines for how many of those you’re able to acquire the contact details.

Contacts are cumulative so for monthly subscribers each month you may acquire the contact details for 200 more contacts in addition to any contacts you may have remaining unused from previous months. For example if you do not use any of your 200 contacts the first month then you in your second month you will have 400 contacts available.

In the case of annual you get 2,400 contacts at sign up and then 2,400 additional each year that you maintain your subscription.

All subscriptions are billed automatically.

Maintaining the integrity of the contact database is a full-time job for multiple Contact Managers on our staff. Still, there are a percentage of contacts that will be incorrect or outdated. This is the case in all contact databases.

The way we handle this is that you may “flag” contacts that are incorrect. When you do our Contact managers will be alerted and will research a correction.

When you flag a contact that cannot be replaced you receive a credit against your contact limit.

Mastering BankProspector is our own in-house training built to help you become an expert in using BankProspector to get the data and contacts you need for your business.

The Bank Direct Mastery Academy is a comprehensive 6-course training program with practicals, a personalized script review, forms and more.

If you’ve never done business direct with lenders the Bank Direct Mastery Academy provides all the training you need to get started confidently with your prospecting so you can start finding deals.

In both cases we are here for you during business hours (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday (and often more than that).

With Standard Support we can answer any questions you have related to your account and the product.

Some of our customers like to be able to ask more specific questions about their prospecting, interpreting data, fine tuning their prospect approach and other non-product but business related topics.

If you have questions about how things will work in your business or about specific instances or scenarios then you need to have Premium Support.

If you have a monthly plan and need more contacts you can upgrade to annual.

If you have an annual plan and need more contacts reach out to support from inside your account and we will provide you with your options.

If you are not yet a subscriber and think you need more contacts, sign up and then follow the instructions above.

We do not have team accounts at this time.

No. Access is for a single user plus one assistant in the same location. providing access to additional users is a violation of our terms of service and may result in termination or suspension.

First off, if you’re asking this question you might reconsider signing up.

We aren’t making a get-rich-quick offer and we don’t take kindly to data theft.

If you find BankProspector unacceptable for any reason during your first 7 days you may go to your account page, find your subscription, and click cancel.

After that simply email support from your account email address and request a refund and we will issue one within one business day.

Refunds may take up to 7 days to appear in your account and we cannot control that timeframe.

If paying for BankProspector would cause you a financial hardship such that you would not be able to wait the normal processing time do not sign up.

There are no refunds in part or in whole after 7 days for any reason.