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Torchlight Investors

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About: Torchlight operates on a core philosophical belief that successful investing begins with extensive fundamental research combined with thorough analysis and careful execution. We believe that the comprehensive information flow that is created by our capabilities in research, underwriting and surveillance allows us to identify investments and manage assets with a suitable risk-reward profile. We believe that our reliance on critical analysis, as well as our understanding of the interplay between real estate and capital markets and the larger national and global macro environment, enables us to make timely and informed decisions. When evaluating potential investments for its portfolios, Torchlight’s first consideration is always the likely performance of an asset in the face of deteriorating market conditions. Torchlight seeks to construct each portfolio in a way that may best meet the targeted risk, return and diversification requirements of the particular client. Torchlight employs a rigorous investment process in which each investment is thoroughly examined and evaluated.