Innovative Capital Advisors

Innovative Capital Advisors

(312) 263-6406

222 S. Riverside Plaza 28th Floor

Chicago, IL 60606

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About: Innovative Capital Advisors was formed in 2003 to offer investors access to a time tested and very desirable asset class: commercial mortgage loans. This asset class requires specialized knowledge, market access and experience to prudently originate and assess the quality of each individual loan opportunity. For many investors these barriers to entry prove too costly to make a lending effort worthwhile. ICA offers a cost effective solution to this dilemma. We have an established lending process, from underwriting to closing and ongoing management, which has been developed over many years by our team of experienced professionals. This process has proven highly successful with default and delinquency rates well below industry averages; in fact from 1992 through 2008 our team suffered no losses on default.