• Credit Union Number #: 24613
  • Reporting Date: 20171231
GREEN COUNTRY has $62.04 M in total assets and is head quartered in SAND SPRINGS, OK.

GREEN COUNTRY REO and Foreclosed Assets

Foreclosed and Repossessed Assets Number Amount
Foreclosed and Repossessed Assets 7 $382,567
Foreclosed and Repossessed Assets, Real Estate 2 $339,469
Foreclosed and Repossessed Assets, Automobiles 5 $43,098
Foreclosed and Repossessed Assets, Other 0 $0
Amount of Real Estate Loans Foreclosed YTD 3 $367,241


Well Capitalized Amount
Total Assets $62.04 M
Less: Allowance for Loan & Lease Losses $468,563
Allowance for Losses on All Real Estate Loans $0
Provision for Loan & Lease Losses $421,000

GREEN COUNTRY's Late and Non-Performing Loan Portfolios

Troubled Loans Overview Number Amount
Loans Held for Sale - $0
Amount of Real Estate Loans Sold but Still Serviced - $0
Troubled Debt Restructured Loans 18 $309,440

Fixed Rate First Mortgage Loans

  • 1-2 $136,584
  • 2-6 $0
  • 6-12 $0
  • 12+ $0
  • Charge-offs $19,353

Other Fixed Rate Real Estate Loans

  • 1-2 $119,968
  • 2-6 $38,518
  • 6-12 $0
  • 12+ $0
  • Charge-offs $0

GREEN COUNTRY Portfolio Info

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