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Step 2: Read this article from beginning to end. Its the foundational "framework" that successful people in this business use to get ahead and do deals.

While you're at it, if your niche is in the note business then you should also read this post and this post.

Step 3: Make a list of all the questions you'd like to get answered. If you feel like you're dealing with some challenges or obstacles in growing your business then write those down too - we'll need a strategy to overcome them.

Set some goals for yourself and the outcome from you taking action in this course. How will you know if you're succeeding if you don't know what the goal is? If you need a little help getting started with that we have a number of articles specifically about goals (it's that important).

​Here's just a taste of some of the 

Membership Has Its Benefits

The Academy training system has literally everything you need to succeed and make money in this business.

Bank Direct Mastery Core Training

  • How to Find Opportunities at Banks and Credit Unions 
    You'll learn how to discover which lenders have the shadow inventory and other note and REO opportunities that you're looking for.
  • How to Find Decision Makers and Their Contact Info
    You'll learn about how decisions are made at lenders and the titles of the people you need to connect with. You'll also learn how to find these contacts, including their emails and phone numbers.
  • How to Set Yourself and Your Business Up for Maximum Credibility
    We cover such topics as licensure, incorporation, professional emails and dedicated phone numbers for cheap or free. You'll learn how to make sure that your prospects see what they're supposed to when they search for you (because they will).
  • How to Make Contact and Win Deals
    You'll learn how banks make selling decisions and how to execute an effective "top down" approach. You'll get prospecting scripts for the phone, email, direct mail and LinkedIn and you'll get a complete list of resources for finding and contacting decision makers.
  • How to Do Deals Step-by-Step
    You'll learn what to say to move past common objections. You'll learn about the types of representation and when to use them, You'll get access to 11 essential deal forms and instruction on how and when to use  them and you'll learn about how to "scrub a tape" of assets and perform due-diligence.

Professional Interview Series

You'll get full access to 43 Interviews and counting, over 30 hours of content from real, active professionals in the business. You'll hear from everyone from new success stories to ex-FDIC regulators, bankers, professional note brokers, attorneys and more. We cover everything from getting repeat deals from lenders to how to raise money from "mom and pop" investors with self directed IRAs.

The interview series is available in desktop and mobile versions.

Student Pricing for BankProspector

BankProspector shows you which banks and credit unions are your best prospects by making searchable, and showing you key REO and non-performing loan portfolio information. We pair that with a "best in class" decision maker contact database.

Verified Investors Database

Each week we have a dozen or more investors apply to be in our Verified Investors Database and each week we accept just a few. As an Academy member you'll get special pricing for access to these investors (including direct contact info and investment criteria) who can buy your deals or invest with you. This answers the question "who do I sell the deals I find to?"

Verified Investors Database


Brecht Palombo
Founder, Distressedpro.com

About Brecht

When I started in real estate in 2001 it was not glamorous. I started at the bottom just like you did. I quickly discovered that I only wanted to work with repeat buyers and sellers and that led me to investors and developers and a robust wholesaling (hybrid) business.

In late 2006 I saw the peak coming. Maybe it was because I'd been through a crash before. I knew that if I were to survive it I'd have to learn how to work with lenders. When a market turns south, asset prices drop and credit dries up - that leaves the lenders in the driver's seat.

I started calling on lenders and learned very quickly that I didn't know what I didn't know.

After about a year I found a mentor. It cost me dearly in the form of a huge commission split (for a number of years) but it was well worth it to learn the business. I went on to be involved in more than $200 million in transactions for banks. 

Along the way I made a name for myself and started connecting with and learning from some of the biggest players in the business. I've recruited many of them to teach what they know to my audience. ​

After I created BankProspector in 2009 I discovered that the other thing that was sorely lacking was education on the subject. What the Bank Direct Mastery course is, is the culmination of years of deals, testing, tweaking, teaching - and doing deals.

I hope you'll get the chance to experience the Academy and then reap huge rewards for your efforts just like I and so many others have​.